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Year 8 | Unit 1 part 1: Michael Nyman's 'Time lapse'

Exploration of Ground bass, chord relationships and building up layers.

Tim Bradshaw

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Year 8 | Unit 1 part 1: Michael Nyman's 'Time lapse'

Michael Nyman 'Time Lapse' Ground Bass Chord Relationships Layering Ground bass - or 'bass ostinato' - is a repeated bass part that provides the basis for a piece while the rest of the piece changes and variates on top of it.

NB: The difference between an ostinato and a riff is that a riff is usually only assigned to one section (verse or chorus etc...) When different notes are played on top of the repeated bass notes the harmonic relationship will change and create different tensions.

If I have an E in the bass and then the other instruments play a G and a B this creates an E minor however if the other instruments play C and G I have a C major chord and the bass is now acting as the middle note to that chord. Classwork
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