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Audience and Institutions - The British Film Industry

Preparing for Section B AS Media exam

kim moss

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Audience and Institutions - The British Film Industry

Institution: This is any Production, Distribution & Exhibition Company. Slumdog Millionaire: Celedor & FilmFour; Warner Bros & Fox Searchlight, Pathe The Dark Knight: Lengendary Pictures, Syncopy, DC Comics; Warner Bros This is England: Warp Films & FilmFour; Optimum & IFC Films The Kings Speech: See-Saw films, Bedlam, Momentum, The Weinstein Company Marketing what is it? How do Films target their audience?
How do you think Marketing is decided? US Marketing ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ UK Marketing ‘Attack the Block’ ARG: Alternative Reality Game and in depth Markerting Campaign by Warner Bros to follow success of TDK
Participation from millions of enthusiasts from around the world
Resulted in thousands of blog posts, twitter, google searches, websites & participants
My Space, Comics, online sites, Nokia, Hershey, Domino Pizza, K-Mart, Xbox, Widget The Dark Knight Rises’. TDK Viral Campaign was the most intensive & creative ever seen’ Dan Oliver Editor of .net
Film Posters- How they represent the film?
Tag Lines- What does it say about the films?
Press & Publicity: Who the ‘key’ players are & how they are used to market the films? Film Posters Film Trailers What do they show?
What do they leave out? What type of audience are the Case Study Films aimed at? The Dark Knight Rises Attack the Block The King's Speech Synergy > how a media institution tries to use its various products to sell one another (e.g. film and soundtrack and video game). Convergence > the coming together of two or more technologies in the same device.
Convergence of media occurs when multiple products come together to form one product with the advantages of all of them. For TDKR used ARG to target some of their audience.
An interactive website was used to attract a much wider audience.
. ATB attracted an Niche Audience. It had a limited budget and limited appeal but it made money as it hit the target audience Older, art house, more traditional audience. Remember....
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