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Lesson 4 - Eggs for Gram

No description

Jimmy Simmons

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Lesson 4 - Eggs for Gram

Two-Column Writing:
Column 1 - write the 2 decisions Allie had to make after mom left
Column 2 - Tell how Allie solved each problem and what you think about what she did.
"Find the important ideas of a text"
1) Re-read Allie and the Everything Sandwich
2) Two Column Writing
3) Word Work
4) Read Eggs for Gram

Eggs for
Eggs for
1) Think critically about a character
2) Recognize a character's decisions and the consequences
3) Show awareness of cause and effect
4) Use evidence to support your thinking
Infer the Message
Infer..... Reread Pg 7, 8,
and 9 and come up with descriptions that describe
the kind of character
Allie is.
Reread Allie and the Everything Sandwich.
As you read, think about the decisions Allie made and how she solved them
Eggs for Gram
Roz....things you should know!..Gram says she always breaks things.
Look at the title! Look at the Picture!
What are you thinking?
Eggs for
Look at Pg 4..
What does Gram mean by "Don't break a single egg!"

Look at pg 5.
Roz likes to make her bike rides exciting!
Find Exciting!

Roz hit every bump along the way to the store.
What are you thinking?
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