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Mr.Prezident Prezi training

Interface functions exercises

Bas Landsbergen

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Mr.Prezident Prezi training

Click on Themes (Top menu)
Try out preset themes or customize current theme
Save current theme
Put the cutlery in the right place
Positioning: sort table
Navigating: find my iPhone
Zoom out to find my iPhone & read screen
Practice: panning and zooming
Practice: scaling and moving objects
Zooming: Scroll / on right side of screen
Panning: click + drag in any direction
1st click on object
Scaling: click + / - / drag from corner from / to object center
Moving: click & hold hand & move in any direction
Want to serve more fish?
Try selecting it, then ctrl+c to copy, then ctrl+v to paste
Click on top left of screen to edit path
Adding: Click on any object
Switching: Click & hold path thumbnail + drag in any other order
Removing: Click on X in top right of path thumbnail
Linear presenting: Path
Set up the order of your presentation
Practice: changing slide order
Structuring: frames & arrows
Build structures to house your ideas
Practice: building expandable structures fast
Click on Insert (Top menu)
Click on Diagram...
Choose one and check it out!
My iPhone
Try clicking on this
on the right side
Click on slide, then 'Zoom to Frame'
Customizing: Themes
Adding media: symbols & shapes
Balance text and (audio)visuals
Practice: insert text, symbols & shapes
Click on canvas and start typing
Click on Insert (top menu) Symbols & shapes...
Choose one and check it out!
Integrate your corporate identity
Practice: saving your custom theme
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