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FDR's New Deal

No description

Madeleine Student

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of FDR's New Deal

FDR's New Deal
To Create Jobs
To Create a Minimum Standard of Living
To Boost Confidence in the Nation
TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority
CCC: Civilian Conservation Corps
WPA: Works Progress Administration
SEC: Security Exchange Commision
FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Group
FERA: Federal Emergency Relief Agency
SSA: Social Security Administration
FDR pumped money into the modernization of the Appalachian Valley, creating jobs for the people of that area.
Hired young men to clear trails, create national parks, and the money from their jobs was sent to their families.
Created jobs for many artists and other artisans, and was more specialized work.
When a natural disaster strikes, the agency will provide basic services to those who need them.
Gave seniors and disabled people basic services and security.
Boosted confidence in the stock market, and created so called "stock cops" to watch for suspicious business going on in the stock market.
Secured confidence in the banking systems and insured everybodies deposits up to a certain amount.
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