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Study Skills

No description

Rachel VerHow

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Study Skills

Study Skills 101
What to do when studying...
What not to do when studying...
How to ACTIVELY study...
Study Skills
How to make homework less work
Create a plan
- understand the assignment
- make the most of your time
- pace yourself

Tackle the hardest assignment first

Get help when needed
- textbook
- notes
- online
- parents
- teacher
Memorizing Techniques
Tune out the world around you



Pre-sleep studying

Mnemonic device
Take a moment to reflect on what works... and doesn't work
How do you know when you have studied enough?

How did you keep yourself focused?

How much time did you plan to spend and how much did you actually spend studying?

How would you do this differently next time?
Claim a study place of your own
Create a system to keep track important papers
- quizzes
- tests
- handouts

Use a planner to keep track of assignments
Stay organized... How?
Every 45 minuntes = 15 minute break
Estimate how much time each assignment/project will take

Work at your most productive time

Take a break

Take on a large topic all at once

Study the night prior to a large test
Instead, tackle the hardest thing first.
Instead, divide it up into smaller managable peices.
Instead, schedule times to study through out the week.
- create practice problems
- highlight notes
- use post-it notes to mark key text
- make study cards
- map/diagram concepts
- apply concept
Life Sci pg 64
- Scientific Method

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Every Good Boy Does Fine
Studying Basics 101
Find your productive time of the day
Know the basics
Make the most of your time
Note Taking Skills 101
Start a new pg
Key words
Leave space between ideas/topics
- easy to read
- add ideas/thoughts later
- each day/class
- date
- keep notes for each subject separate, but in one
- not sentences
- use abbr or symbols
- listen... they might come from the teacher
- Can you repeat that, please?
After class
- review to check accuracy and completeness
- compare with a friend or text book
- recopy if your handwriting is poor
- recopy into a notebook at home
How can I reduce the time it takes to study later?
Small investments build over time and will reduce the time it takes to study.
Homework 101
Plan when to study
Study based on the
type of test
- multiple choice
*facts and details
- essay
*look for possible questions
Find a 'study buddy' or study group
How to study
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