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Big Marketing on a Tiny Budget

No description

Tori Fugate

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Big Marketing on a Tiny Budget

Big Marketing on a Tiny Budget
Engage Your Audience
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Appeal to Their Likes and Interests
Know What Current Trends Are
Don't Be Afraid to Be Silly
Appeal to Their Likes and Interests
Know What Current Trends Are
Pay attention to local events and "Big Names" in our community
Find the companies that appeal to YOUR interests, and work with them
Don't Be Afraid to Be Silly
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Who Would You Rather Adopt?
Stetson Before
Market Around Big Local Events and Holidays
Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Big Names
Stetson After
Know Your Audience
Find out what is most engaging
Track your results
Don't overshare, but don't hide anything
How to Effectively Market Your Organization &
Grow Your Brand with Limited Financial Resources

About KC Pet Project
Operator of the Kansas City, MO Animal Shelter
Cares for nearly 10,000 pets a year
Largest No-Kill Shelter in KC & third largest open-admission No Kill shelter in the United States
3 Metro Locations
$3M Total Budget for 2016
$1.2M - Paid by City of Kansas City, MO
Cute Pets!
93.6% Live Release Rate in 2015!
0.005% of Budget Goes to Advertising
About Me
B.A. in Advertising from Drury University
Past work experience including Missouri Restaurant Association, Kansas City Chiefs, Springfield Cardinals, and various retail positions
No previous work in animal welfare before KC Pet Project
Working with the Media
One of your best sources of "advertising"
Always. Be. Available.
Don't be afraid to call or email the stations when you have something to talk about
Give everyone your cell phone number
Answer the call, return messages, even if you can't help with their story.
Get to know reporters and photographers.
They're always looking for a feel-good story, so be available for one anytime.
Have back-ups at your organization that can talk to the media if you're not available
Using Video to Tell Your Story
You don't have to use fancy equipment
Use apps that are video friendly
Video campaigns equal more shares and use direct links
Find partners who will work with you
Animal Artists
Holiday Appeal 2014

Facebook Live
Use editing programs to help piece your videos together (like iMovie)
Show Every Day
Life at Your Organization
We show the animals we help.
There are people out there who will volunteer their time & talents
Ask around in your networks and with your friends, you never know who might want to help.
A lot of start up video production companies will help nonprofits to support their portfolio.
It was more than just a
Highlight your accomplishments
Share your success stories
Also share your struggles
Don't share anything offensive, too graphic, or sensitive subjects
Highlight Your Staff and Volunteers
Highlight Your Accomplishments
2013 Mega Match-a-thon Photo

Likes: 7,300+
Shares: 2,000+
Reach: 304,000+
Other Notes: Featured on Reddit and shared by notable organizations. Highest reach in org history up until that point.

Share Your Success
Silas "Before" & "After"

Likes: 3,800
Shares: 745

But Also Share Your Struggles
Don't Share Anything Too Negative
If you're posting on a sensitive subject, consider your audience
Shock value will cause a negative reaction to your page.
Don't post about topics that don't relate to your organization or your mission
When in doubt, don't post.
What if I work for an organization that deals with sensitive topics?
Many nonprofits are centered around sensitive situations or social service organizations that deal with topics that cannot be openly discussed or have patients/clients whose information has to remain confidential
Be creative in how you share the information and the stories that your organization deals with
Don't forget to feature those who help your organization!
Share Pictures that Don't Have People

Art designs that a child has done
Something that someone has made progress with
You may have to be abstract with photos, but focus on how your tell the story

Share Your Stories
Use photos that show a person without showing their full features
KC Pet Project Visits Inmates at Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks
Ron Berg Photography, Rockbox, & Bernstein Rein
Videos for Fundraising
We show the animals we save.
Art Event

The Media can help you raise funds
Highlight the stories you share with the public
Give reporters the goal you need to raise
Links to donation pages
No PR is bad PR
Even if it's a negative story, try to spin it into a positive
Be as honest as possible.
Never lie or fabricate a story in any way.
Major Fundraisers
Adoption Events
Donation Drives
Third Party Events
Partner with businesses & organizations
Types of Events at
KC Pet Project
Hoops for Hounds
Go Fetch Art
Major Fundraisers
When Stories Go Viral
What happens when your story reaches a national, and even international, audience?
Harry was horribly neglected, matted and missing part of his nose
Story was featured on ABC News, Good Morning America, and CBS Inside Edition
Reach of over 110,000 on initial post.
Huge fundraising initiative to help Harry
Harry Updates
We continued to update supporters on his story up until he passed away from health complications
"The Puppy Girl"
The Puppy Girl, named Katie, happened to be a huge supporter of KC Pet Project
Story was featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, etc.
Katie and Joe spoke about KC Pet Project in all interviews.
Kia was found in a tow lot car in 2013 after living in it for 30 days
Story went very big, very fast.
First international story for KC Pet Project with hopeful adopters in almost all 50 states, France, England and Africa
You never know who might call...
Even the Unusual Ones
We show the animals we help.
The Goal: More Exposure for Your Organization
Adoption Events
Third Party Events
Partner Events
We Love Kansas City
Volunteer Groups
We welcome dozens of corporate groups every year.
And we welcome young groups!
Our Supporters Are Amazing
Our Volunteers are Essential to Saving Lives
In what other town could we have this much fun?
We take every opportunity to show our KC Pride!
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Big fundraisers are a lot of work.
Find out the talents of your employees
Don't just market your events to big donors - reach a new audience
Find a "niche market" for your events (ie: beer events)
Think of "Out of the Box" Ideas
Find Out What is Most Engaging

Photos tend have a higher reach than links. But don't ever shy away from links that help you tell your story.
Bright, happy posts
Don't write novels
It's ok to post a couple things a day, just show variety
Always think about Shares so your post will remain active in timelines
Pay attention to your insights page
If something works well, expand on that
Try to not give your audience "work" to do that they wouldn't be interested in
If you have the opportunity, offer incentives that appeal to their interests (ie: World Series tickets)
Track Your Results
Watch your posts: what works, what doesn't
Don't spend a lot of time on using apps or programs that don't gain a huge audience or are too time consuming
If something isn't working, it's ok to stop.
Don't Over-share, but Don't Hide Anything
Don't Do Anything for a Reaction
If you're gaining followers you're doing something right
Don't post anything negative if you don't have to
Don't be reactive to other organizations' posts, be creative.
Your supporters appreciate seeing your numbers. Be forthcoming and honest.
Social media isn't the place for big reports, have an alternate place for people to see all of the numbers.
Hoarding Case at
KC Pet Project
Highlight the work of your Staff & Volunteers
Share what it's really like to work at your organization
Community Engagement
KC Pils
Boulevard Brewing Company KC
Pils "10% for KC" Charity - 2013
KC Pils
Winner of voting contest and over $16,000 was donated to our pets
Roadrunner Fund Matching Gift Campaign
Raised $250,000 in 5 months for Veterinary Care Center
Partner during major community events
ASPCA/Rachael Ray 100K Challenge - 2014
Community Engagement Award Winner
$34,000 Grant for KC Pet Project
Plaza Art Fair
Major beer festivals
Home + Garden Show
and many more!
But A lot of Those Ads are Sponsored
Partnered with major company to underwrite billboard on 435 South
Many TV ads are sponsored
Grants can help you cover costs of ads
Coffee Sleeve Ad Campaign
Advertising We Do
- TV Ads
- Radio Ads/Remotes
- Print
- Holiday Direct Mail Appeal
Social Media is your biggest source of free advertising
When done right, you will see positive results!
Some interesting opportunities may arise
Ink Magazine
November 2014
Facebook Page 2012: 2000 likes
Facebook Page Today: 77,000 likes

Twitter: 3,800 Followers

Instagram: 15,000+ Followers
How does KC Pet Project continue to grow?
We focus on telling our stories
Focus on the animals in our care
We're strategic in what we share
Constantly positive
Through social media and community partnerships, we've been able to change the perception of the City shelter
We focused on the turnaround and building our brand
What Now?
New Shelter
Continued growth of new and existing programs
Continue sharing our stories and finding homes for wonderful pets
We have fun at our events!
It doesn't have cost anything to share your programs & successes!
Tori Fugate
Director of Marketing & Development
KC Pet Project
Big Marketing on a Tiny Budget
How to Effectively Market Your Organization &
Grow Your Brand with Limited Financial Resources

Tell you stories of how your organization helped someone, but change private information in your story.
Start a blog with members of your staff highlighting ways that they made a difference in someone's life
Showcase different areas of your organization
How has someone helped your organization?
Where We Started From
Took over a shelter with history of killing thousands of animals
Most viewed KCMO shelter negatively, had to overcome that
Many saw shelter as "too hard" to turn-around
No donors, no followers, brand new organization
Built everything up to what it is today in 5 years
We live by the motto "Solutions - Not Excuses"
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