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Stop Sign Analysis

Psychology 12

Brooke Cederholm

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Stop Sign Analysis

At the beginning of this assignment, Mr. Abbie posed the thoery "Oliverites are law-abiding people and stop correctly and legally at all stop signs". I was wary of this theory so I conducted my own hypothesis: "very few Oliverites will execute complete and legal stops at the intersection I was monitoring". "Stop" Signs What is a "complete stop"? A complete stop is when a vehicle's tires entirely cease movement with the front of the vehicle completely behind the marked stop line such as displayed in this picture: Day One Statistics Day Two Statistics "Stop Signs"? The reason behind the fact that there were more elderly and middle-aged men than elderly and middle-aged women may have been that in their era the men generally worked outside of the house more often than women. The fact that there were more younger women than younger men may be based on the theory that society is evolving and women are being individualistic and maintaining their own jobs and activities outside of the house. "Stop" Sign
Analysis Gender Age The reason there was a lesser amount of young* people driving compared to elderly** or middle-aged*** was probably due to the fact that most young people would either have been working or attending school. Environment The first day of observations was a Wednesday, and the weather was sunny but slightly chilly. The stop sign was positioned at the base of a hill and the stop line was slightly faded. There was a large brick building that may have been an obstruction to some drivers. The second day was overcast and the temperature was much lower. It was also payday for some people, which may have explained the lack of available parking stalls lining the street closest to the stop sign. CONCLUSION After extensive research and natural observation, Mr. Abbie's theory that all Oliver drivers stay within the laws of stopping has been disproved. In fact, all unknowing participants in this experiment did illegal stops except one who was forced to stop due to crossing pedestrians. Although my hypothesis was somewhat accurate, it was slightly off. I had guessed that very few drivers would stop when in reality only one out of a span of 33 vehicles in two days completed a full and legal stop. **aged 60+ *aged 30 and under ***aged ~ 30-55 Overall Statistics
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