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Citing Evidence

No description

Shira Carroll

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of Citing Evidence

Unit Two: Understanding and Navigating Informational Text.
Citing Evidence
What is the difference between something in the text being explicit or implicit?
Gus had a very hard time getting organized. At the beginning of class, he walked into LA class with every single binder and book he had in his cubby. Each binder had papers dropping out of it, and the books were crammed with loose worksheets.
(2) paraphrasing → Taking evidence in text and putting it in our own words.
Gus is not organized, because his binders and papers are a mess and are always falling out.
(1)How did Don play in his soccer game?
Cite evidence in the form of a direct quote. Explain how this quote supports your thinking.
There are two ways to cite evidence
1. direct quote: Using the writer’s exact words, and putting quotes around them.
Was Gus an organized student?
Gus is not an organized student, because it states in the text that, "Each binder had papers dropping out of it, and the books were crammed with loose worksheets." This tells me that he did not keep track of his papers.
The soccer team took the field, but Don found it very hard to concentrate on his game. He groaned angrily at himself for not using the bathroom before he got here, and realized he had many chances to avoid this issue. His dad wanted him to drink water before the game, so he chugged the entire bottle. Then, he ignored his dad’s reminder to use the bathroom and watched TV until it was time to go. Finally, he had a chance to use the restroom at the gas station on the way to the game, but played on his iPhone instead. Don snapped back into it when he realized the other team had scored a goal and his coach was yelling at him for not running. He was daydreaming and staring at the porta potty across the parking lot, and wishing the game were already over.
Quotes(“”) are important because they show we are borrowing someone else’s words to help us. To write someone else’s words without them is stealing and called plagiarism, which is illegal.
You don’t need quotes since you are putting the evidence into your own words.
(2)How could Don have solved his problem? Paraphrase the explicit evidence that supports your thinking.
Learning Targets

1. I can cite evidence to support what the text says explicitly.
2. I can make inferences by combining text clues with background knowledge.
3. I can cite evidence to support what the text suggests implicitly (making inferences).
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