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No description

Jamison Piper

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Gas

Origin of Natural Gas
History of Natural Gas
Creating Energy from
Natural Gas

Advantages of Natural Gas
1626- Around Lake Erie
1785- Britain
1816-Baltimore, Maryland
1821-First Well, Fredonia Gas Light Company
1885-Bunsen Burner
1920- New Improved Pipelines
Clean to burn
Makes a lot of jobs
Not as many pollutants
Can be stored
Animals die
Sand and silt covered
Rocks are found
Seismic surveys
History of Natural Gas
Energy is released
Mechanical energy-electricity
Produces 30% less carbon dioxide than burning oil and 45% less than burning coal.
Creating Energy from
Natural Gas
60% of heat can generate electricity
Origin of Natural Gas
Advantages of Natural Gas
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