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Comprehensive Tour of the Social Ally Dashboard

Introduction to the Social Ally Digital Marketing Platform

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Transcript of Comprehensive Tour of the Social Ally Dashboard

Intro to Social Ally
"Me" Twitter Page
The Menu Bar
My Twitter Home Page
Other People's Pages
Other People's Twitter "Followers"
Why does your business need #socialmedia?

Is #socialmedia just a fad?

The easiest most efficient way to manage all of your #socialnetworks, email & SMS

How to generate unlimited #leads for your business

Targeted automated responses to your leads

How to #engage with your #customers on all social networks with one click

Monitor your brand name interactions (good or bad) on the web

Grow your social presence and brand awareness

Measure your #ROI with custom analytical reporting
What's in Store?
Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?


• Everyone is on a level playing field

• Brand recognition

• search results

• Personalized
brand voice
for your business

• Consumers
peer recommendations

• Fantastic
market research
with a much smaller budget

Is Social Media Just a Fad?
All-in-One Digital Marketing Tool
for Business
All in one marketing platform that combines Email, SMS, and Social Media Management
In less than 3 years, #socialmedia became the most popular activity on the web, surpassing pornography for the first time in Internet history!
The Proof is in the Numbers!
As human beings, we have the psychological need to be individuals yet feel connected to and accepted by a much larger social set; we have a yearning to understand what other people are doing!

User Friendly interface
Every action is separated into category tabs within the platform
One unified inbox connects all of your social network interactions
Click-and-go tiles to send out one message to all your social networks
Twitter Lead Generator
Geo-target your potential customer by exact keywords, phrases or hashtags
No time to manually engage with potential customers?
Set up a variation of 15-20 auto responses that will do ALL the work for you!
More Features
Monitor & respond to anyone interacting with you from multiple Twitter accounts

Auto welcome your Twitter followers with a variety of 15-20 messages

Auto Re-Tweets

Read and respond to updates for particular Twitter lists

Auto follow people on Twitter who mention your keyword, phrase or hashtag

Auto unfollow people on Twitter based on customized criteria

Facebook – Creating a Trustworthy Brand
Almost all who shop online will verify whether a specific company
is legit or a scam – via Facebook!
Group Promotions
The more groups you join, THE BETTER
Send your social message out to all your groups with one click
Group promotions creates invaluable brand recognition, awareness and clicks
Auto Moderator
Automatically remove comments/posts from your Fanpage that contain specific keywords/phrases

Photo Uploads

Creating Google Search Rankings

Group Networking
Create Organic Interactions
When you post to multiple groups, you create organic comments, likes & clicks to your website

Group Streams
Auto Responder
• Pre-schedule a series of automated LinkedIn messages for birthdays or other events
Build Your Brand in Images

Pre-schedule images, URL’s and videos to all of your boards

Monitor Interactions
View likes & comments that others have left on your Instagram photos

Geo-target by city, zip or country
Inclusion and exclusion filter helps you narrow down search parameters
Monitor Google alerts feeds

RSS Distribution – Create New Audiences
Automatically distribute your blogs postings (or those of another website) to any of your added social networks
Set the frequency and post type
Create a prefix or suffix with each post
Inclusion and exclusion filters
Google analytics tracking code

Email Marketing
Email Auto Responders
Email Campaigns
Easily mass email existing database or collect new data via custom capture widget
Choose a template or compose the text in the message box

Mass SMS Campaign
• Upload existing database or use custom capture widget to gather new data
• Choose group tiles in which you wish to mass text message
• Compose your message (160 characters) and send
• Purchase discounted bulk SMS credits

SMS Auto Responder
Choose which SMS list (group) you will be auto responding
Select when you want your responder to be sent out (before or after sign-up/birthday)
Use merge tags to personalize the text
Notified via email when sent out (optional)
Opt-In SMS Marketing
• Pick a custom phone number provided by Social Ally or order a custom shortcode
• Choose an opt-in keyword
• Select or create a new group that all data will filter in to
• Generate your text message that will automatically send out when someone opts-in with your chosen keyword
• Email notifications when new opt-in is received

Measure Your
‘Links’ Analytical Data
• View analytics on your top trending links posted via social media
• View data on your traffic/click sources
• View data on your top trending links posted (clicks, referring sites & country of residence

Facebook Analytics
• Full analytical reporting on
everything posted on your Facebook

• Measure your likes, comments,
shares, audience, etc.

• View your page fans

• View your page engagement

• Measure new likes vs unlikes

• Understand your ideal posting time
with optimal engagement probability

Understand Your Facebook Audience
Brand/Keyword Monitoring Analytics
Build Custom Reports
Coming soon for Facebook

Keywords or Phrases
Pre-Schedule Your Pins
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words!
Demonstrating Expertise
Generate a custom data capture widget for your website
Generation of HTML code that will be pasted into the backend of your website
All data will filter into your Social Ally Platform – set up email or SMS auto responders
Capture widget will conform to the look of your website

Upload existing database or use custom capture widget to gather new data
Choose which email list (group) you will be auto responding
Select when you want your responder to be sent out (before or after sign-up)
Title, description, merge tags, hyperlinks, images, etc. can be used
Purchase discounted bulk email credits

Add all of your Facebook pages/fanpages; easily update or pre-schedule with one click
Attach a link preview


All interactions filter in to your inbox
Create streams for all the groups you have joined
Like, comment and share – CREATE YOUR OWN INTERACTIONS!
Upload photos to new or existing albums for Facebook pages & Fanpages
Track the clicks and analytics behind each photo
Add multiple Google+ pages; easily update & pre-schedule posts
Google Search favors sites that have received more social credibility
Google+ provides MAJOR SEO benefits
All interactions filter in to your inbox where you can like, comment & share

LinkedIn is where the decision makes are; use this to your advantage!
Update your personal LinkedIn Status, company page status, & various group interactions
Connect to other thriving communities and build brand awareness

Each group on Linkedin has separate categories to post into: Discussions, Promotions & Jobs

Each category is reflected as separate services within the Social Ally Platform
Join & add multiple LinkedIn groups
Mass distribute your message
Build Your Brand
Monitor niche LinkedIn groups for a particular keyword or phrase
Chose to have interactions filer in to your inbox or email you
Create streams for all the groups you have joined
Like, comment and share – GENERATE ORGANIC TRAFFIC
Add all your Pinterest boards into the platform
Boost your SEO and organic traffic and pin consistently
Add all of your Instagram home streams
Like, comment & share other users photos
Add multiple YouTube channels
Upload & pre-schedule YouTube videos
Title, description & tagging capabilities
Full analytical reporting
View analytics on every piece of content you share
The 'Reports' dashboard provides an overview of ALL your social network analytics
Measure your audience, clicks, optimal posting times, referring links, countries, etc.
View data by time period: 7, 15, 30, 60, or 90 days
Custom Reports
Brand & Keyword Monitoring

72% of all internet users are now active on social media

47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases

60% of 50-60 year olds are active on social media

Twitter was the fastest growing network with a 44% growth from 2012-2013

Over 4 billion videos are viewed everyday on YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world

80% Pinterest users are women – it is the 4th largest traffic source in the world

Instagram has 150 million monthly active users

Instagram has 8,500 likes and 1,000 comments per second

The Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Superbowl ad

Generation Y and Z consider email passé; their communications are done via social media
Monitor your brand name (good or bad) over the web
Also monitor: individual keywords, twitter handles, URL’s, exact phrases or hashtags
Any content that is mentioned is assigned a sentiment analysis score

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