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Who was Michelangelo, and how did his work impact on society

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Andre Donald

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Who was Michelangelo, and how did his work impact on society

How was Michelangelo compelled in his youth to do the things he did later on in his life?
Even at a young age, Michelangelo showed almost no interest in schoolwork, and instead spent his time copying paintings he saw on churches. At the age of 14, Michelangelo's father persuaded the artist Ghirlandaio to take on Michelangelo as his apprentice. Michelangelo perfected his skills, under watchful eye.
Then one day, Lorenzo de Medici, who was the current ruler of Florence at the time, requested that Ghirlandaio send two of his best artists to a Humanist Academy. Ghirlandaio selected Michelangelo and another boy, Francesco Granacci, to be the ones that would attend the Academy. All this happening in his early years made him develop a stronger love for art, and he felt it his duty to create art to show the world.
Why was Michelangelo so bad-tempered?
Michelangelo was known to be quick to anger, and always being in a bad mood. Michelangelo was always pressured to make more artwork for the city of Florence, and he worked years on end to complete his pieces. It weakened and sickened him, as he overworked himself to the limit where he couldn't cope. Michelangelo also had a fractured nose that had never healed properly (childhood accident), and it was said to cause him a continuous flow of pain, making him lash out at people unexpectantly.
What were Michelangelo's most famous pieces of art, and why?
Two of Michelangelo's most famous pieces of art was the statue of David, a huge 17 ft 'David' carved out of marble. It reflected courage, humanism and many other things valued in the time of the renaissance so well that at one point Florence made it their 'representative'.
The other was a painting called 'The Last Judgement', in which it shows Jesus coming down from the heavens on a cloud, surrounded by men and women trying to get to him. Some fell to the bottom, which was depicted as hell, in which people were being slaughtered and tortured. This painting was huge, and was put on one of the walls in the Sistine chapel. It took Michelangelo four years to complete it.
Who was Michelangelo, and how did his work impact on society both in the past and today?
Michelangelo was an Italian artist, architect, and sculptor, born on the 6th of March, 1475, who, unlike many other artists in his time, was recognized for his works of art. However, this was at a great cost to his personal life, and he remarked at the age of 37, that he felt 'as old as Jeramiah.'
Michelangelo influenced many artists in the days of the renaissance, one of them being the famed and respected Raphael. Michelangelo was the man responsible for the priceless paintings in the Sistine Chapel, and were just some of the many works of art he created. Many buildings, sculptures and paintings across the world were inspired by Michelangelo, and he helped shape the world of Western art.
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