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yumeng xiao

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Who's watching you? Surveillance & Cameras Surveillance Issue The issue raised here is surveillance is a source of security for the community, but are they being well used?
Web-cam or Spy-cam?
Harrington High School

Penn. School. Be careful of your television Set top box & Smart Television

Set Top Box Issue The new Set Top boxes produced by Intel are coming equipped with shutters which means you can control how much is seen. In your mind do you think this will remain a security issue? Thank you! Surveillance Set top box Smart TV Web-Camera iSpy Also, in 2012, Samsung showed off their latest HDTV that came with a camera that had a dial to cover the lens. In 2013, they subsequently added the ability to hide the entire camera inside the bezel. Set Top Box Smart TV Team: Azamir Green Yun Gao Kelsey Hanley Ri Hai Presenting:
Yumeng Xiao
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