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The Lost Children

No description

marissa skidmore

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Lost Children

The Lost Children By: Carolyn Cohagan Chapter 1-10 Josephine Russing is the most hated girl in town because of her even more hated dad who made the most horrid law ever 'Every citizen was required to wear gloves at all times'. This improved his business considering he owns the only glove factory in town Josephine's dad doesn't even say a word to her. One day a boy showed up in her backyard claiming to live in her shed. Josephine gave the boy some food and her dissapered after. When her dad left for work she looked for the boy in the shed he was no where to be found. As she walked father in the shed the doors closed and she fell though the back wall of the shed. She woke up to find to be in a basement with some sacks of flour. When she heard someone coming she ducked behind the flour. Ida found Josephine who is the boy's friend. Ida told her that the boy's name is Fargus.She had to leave the basement. after she left Josephine started to cry. Characters Josephine-A young girl who is hated throughout her town. She has no friends until she meets Fargus,Ida and Ned. She owns 387 pairs of gloves Fargus-A young boy who lives in: Higgins Institute For Wayward Children And Forsaken Youth.He never speaks. Ida-A young girl who also stays at the institute who is very brave. She has the most knowledge about the master who is the feared ruler of glum Ned-A teenage boy who is the sweepers son.his dad knows the most about the "hole" Josephine fell though. Kitchen Maggie-The cook of the Institute who is very mean and heartless. she helps give children to the master Stairway Ruth-A very mean and ruthless brute. She loves the screams of children. She also helps give children to the master Leopold Russing-Josephine's dad. He always wears a nice clean crisp suit and gray sliver gloves. The Master-The evil ruler of Glum who has been taking children for about twenty years Alma-A nice middle aged woman.Her husband is Bruce Bruce-A nice middle aged man. His wife is Alma Morgan-The sweeper of glum. He has been researching all his life on the "holes". Ida comes back to the basement around midnight just before Stairway Ruth's rounds around the institute. A little while later Josephine gets hungry so she goes up the stairs and gets caught by Stairway Ruth who lashes her with a stick. Stairway Ruth locked her in a tower that smelt horrid.when she woke up in the morning she saw that the tower was a roasting nest for pigeons. she had spotted a window when she looked out she saw the brothers. Later on Ida and Fargus tell Josephine they must leave. Ida tells them the plan. Chapters 11-20 Stairway Ruth was patrolling the house yet again happy that she had found Josephine. Ida, Fargus, and Josephine jumped out from behind something and tacked Stairway Ruth and started tickling her. They took the keys to the front door and ran out. The slowed down after about twenty minutes of running and found a small cavern big enough for them to fit in, that's where they slept. Fargus was the first one to wake up and he heard the brothers as they tried to escape the caverns Ida sneezed and the brothers ran to them. Josephine saved the day by throwing her yellow floppy boots. They kept on walking till they found the town part of glum. They spot a well and start running towards it. Then they met Alma and Bruce. Alma and Bruce welcomed Josephine,Ida,and Fargus into their home. From their long journey Ida and Fargus fell asleep. Before Josephine fell asleep Alma and Bruce hammered with questions. Alma and Bruce find out that Josephine is somehow related to the master. Alma and Bruce hand in Ida and Fargus to the master and they kept Josephine and thought they could get money for her. Alma and Bruce keep Josephine at their house by giving her hot cocoa with drugs in it. Chapters 21-30 Fargus, Ida, and Josephine are all separated from each other. Ida turns up in a long deep hole, Fargus wakes up om a cot with like 25 children surrounding him. Josephine gets saved by Ned and goes back to his and Morgan's house. Should she trust them? Josephine finds out that Alma and Bruce took Fargus and Ida to the masters house. she wants to get them back. they have no plans until Josephine tells Ned and Morgan that she is a Russing. Josephine Ida Fargus chapters 31-40 Josephine writes a note to The master and she is on her way to the masters mansion to have dinner with him. Ida escapes her hole only after she gets something sucked out of her by the brothers. Ida saves some other children that were captured twenty years ago. Fargus finally talks but to get him to talk had to burn his hand. Fargus works for the master. Chapters 41-50 The master is a small child! Or is he? Josephine finds out that the brothers suck out all the old out of people so that they can live forever and still look like a small child. Josephine finds out the masters name is the exact same as her fathers. all the 'children' go home to their families in glum and the brothers go back to wherever they came from though the hole,Josephine also goes back home. chapters 51 & 52 Ida is now on a journey out to the wild. Fargus runs off right after Josephine gives him the silver gloves. When Josephine gets home she accuses her father of being the master, she finds out that Josephines dad is Fargus. Fargus took the masters name and came though the hole. He made the law about the gloves because he is embarssed by his burnt hand.
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