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Alliteration project

Here we have are alliteration project.Each person has one alliteration poem about them.We have a cofee background and a picture with each poem hope you enjoy!!!!

tyson allbaugh

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Alliteration project

Our Alliteration Project By Jordan Jolly Jordan jiggled jars of jiggly jelly and jam By Samir Samir sat on seven seals swimming south Tyson topples turnips
to Target. Bloom blew blueberries
bacon BBQ bannanas
and blackberries Camille carried kangaroos with canned
cantalopes By Camille We made this prezi about people. Everyone
gets a character named after them. We have
our characters doing funny things. By, Tyson, Jordan, Camille, and Samir

Enjoy the show!! Big Bob battled big bulging baskets with basketballs By Tyson By Jordan My mom made Mrs.Mack many muffins. By Tyson Sally saw seashells down by the seashore By Camille By Samir The end!!!! Hope you enjoyed are prezi by Tyson Camille Jordan and Samir!!!!!!!! Giggly Garret gave Gannon gallons of good goats By Everyone
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