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Street Action (powered by Buurtsport)

Presentation ISB - Coca-Cola Live+Week - 05.10.12

David Nassen

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Street Action (powered by Buurtsport)

4 key principles neighbourhood
context girls & boys
disadvantaged groups empowerment local network
sport - health -social sector GOALS sport I excercise I health social activation I sport-'plus' participation in & through sport VISION ISB as membershipassociation and knowledge centre
Fieldworkers I Local authorities I Partners: JES
Sustainability (local anchoring - local sport policy)
Results (quantity & key's to succes)
Street Games (UK) ACTION 2012 - 2014
start with 8 municipalities/cities and outrol in 15 new municipalities/cities
neighbourhood sports worker - network - social workers
consultation with young people
sports I Excercise I Health activities & ... show event
Street Action Coaches
Local Visibily

Coaching and learning-traject BOOM DUFFEL FIRST LEARNINGS innovation I participation 12-16y I neighbourhood sports
value of a good partnership sport and social sector
'go where the target is'
from 'hanging around' to 'social activation' start to swim coaches sport - kook-workshops Lien Q&A www.streetaction.be
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