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Atlantic ocean

No description

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Atlantic ocean

The Blue Whale-The blue whales are endanger because they are threatened by environmental change,they are also harmed by habitat loss .Blue whales can also be harmed by ships and by getting tangled in fishing nets.
Hammerhead Shark-Hammerhead sharks are endanger because they kill the hammerhead sharks for their fins to sell them. And some times they get court in fishing nets which means that they are putting hammerhead sharks to extinction.
question 3 and 4
The temperature in the Atlantic ocean is below -2 ° C
questions grid
1.What animals are endangered in the Atlantic ocean and why?
2.How deep and how wide is the Atlantic ocean?
3.What is the temperature in the Atlantic ocean?
4.What kind of water is the Atlantic ocean?
5.Who was the Atlantic ocean named after?
6.What types of rocks are there in the Atlantic ocean?
7. what is the biggest and the smallest island located in the Atlantic ocean.
8. What islands are stranded in the Atlantic ocean?
Sperm Whales- Sperm whales are endanger because people hunt
for their oil, and meat.
Oil – Lamp oil, soap, perfume, candles.
Food – Cooking oil and margarine.

Fraser’s dolphins- Fraser dolphins are endanger because They are most of the time caught in fishing nets in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Both of these areas are really good places to catch tuna.
question 1
.The Blue Whale
.Sea turtles
.Sperm Whale
.White Whale
.Hooded Seal
.Hawks bill Turtle
. Steller Sea Lion
.Hammerhead Shark
.Monk Seal
. Kemp’s Ridley Turtle
.Fraser’s Dolphin
.Killer Whale
.Green sea turtles
.Leather back sea turtles

manatees- manatees are endanger because hunters are seeking their hides for oil, and bones.Some times manatees get tangled in fishing nets.
Sea turtles-Sea turtles are endanger because, the turtles become tangle in the nets and drown.Turtles are also endanger because people can eat turtle meat which is found in the eggs.
White Whales-White Whales are endanger because people hunt them for their meat.They also kill white whales for there skin which is used as leather.
Hooded Seal-Hooded Seals are endanger because fisherman are hunting seals is because of their meat.Global warming is affecting the Hooded Seal's habitat.
Hawks bill Turtle-Hawks bill turtles are endanger because the sandy beaches where they lay their eggs are disappearing.
Stealer Sea Lion-Stealer sea lions are endanger because they have to eat a lot of food. People are catching most of the fish that they eat, they don't get enough.
Monk Seal-Monk seals are endanger because Monk seals are easy targets that mans that it is easier to kill monk seals for meat and oil.
Kemp's ridley turtles-Kemp ridley turtles are endanger because
Habitat loss
eggs for meat .
Climate change

Killer Whale-Killer whales are endanger because of loss of their natural habitat and in food supply. They are mainly found in the North Pacific, Arctic ,Atlantic ocean and Antarctica.
question 5 and 6
The Atlantic ocean was named after Atlantis thalassa in 450 BC . In English it means (Sea of Atlas)
question 7
A food chain
the clown tiger fish and which then gets eaten by
A squid and the squid gets eaten by
a sperm whale.However, the clown tiger fish can also get eaten
by a tuna which then gets eaten by us, humans.
Green turtle-The Green Sea Turtle is endangered because they are caught by fishermen in nets that are meant for fish, . The green sea turtle loves to each jellyfish and sometime thing it is a plastic bag for food. As of coarse they cannot eat plastic bags they choke and die.
leather back turtle- leather back turtles are endangered since people eat there eggs for meat.People littering, plastic bags and the turtles thing its food they choke, and die.
What types of rocks are there in the Atlantic ocean?

width of the Atlantic ocean-106,400,000 square kilometers .
In the Atlantic ocean the water is salt water.
question 5-
question 6-
There are lots of rocks but one of the main rocks that are found in the Atlantic ocean is the sedimentary rocks.
Who was the Atlantic ocean named after?
question 3-
What is the temperature in the Atlantic ocean?
question 4-
What kind of water is the Atlantic ocean?
How deep and how wide is the Atlantic ocean?
question 7- what is the biggest and the smallest island located in the Atlantic ocean.
Greenland is the biggest island in the Atlantic Ocean at 822,706 sq miles (2.13 million km) and also the biggest island in the world.
question 8- What islands are stranded in the Atlantic ocean?
-gran canaria
-saint helena
question 8
-la palma
-ascension island
-la gomera
-terceira island
-el hierro
-sao miguel island
-lsla margarita
-pico island
-robben island
-boa vista
-long beach island
-assateague island
-faial island
-plum island
Krill -gets eaten by ...
- Santa maria island
-flores island
-sao vincente
- sao jorge island
- gough island
-inccessible island
The Atlantic is the second biggest ocean in the world and is between the continents of America and Europe and Africa.
Atlantic Ocean is the youngest ocean scientist believe that it was formed during the Jurassic Period.
Atlantic Ocean was the first ocean to be crossed by ship and airplane.
Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest place in Atlantic Ocean. It is about eight and a half thousand meters deep
The Cancun reef of Atlantic Ocean, is the world's second largest reef.
In 1928, Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly a plane across the Atlantic ocean.
Atlantic ocean disappearing.
A new discovered crack in the Earth’s crust could pull North America and Europe together and cause the Atlantic Ocean to disappear in about 220 million years.In the far far far future, Earth’s continents could look very much like the super continent referring back the super continent that existed about 200 million years ago.
Atlantic ocean
clown tiger fish
sperm whale
clown tiger fish
question 2
The depth of the Atlantic ocean -The Atlantic ocean is 3,339 meters deep.
Atlantic ocean
fun fact- what is the Jurassic period? The Jurassic period is when the dinosaurs fish mammals were alive on the earth .It was about 199 to 145 million years ago .It took about 54 million years to it finished.
How pollution has affected the Atlantic ocean
ocean pollution can start like this Any toxic materials that are put into rivers drains they are eventually connected to the oceans.
Toxic materials that flow in the ocean affecting plants and animals.from oil burning wood and coal cause big problems in marine animals.
Garbage has always been throw
into the ocean, but since the 1940s, plastic has increased unstoppable . Garbage fishing nets, plastics, party balloons, beach toys, household garbage. Animals eat this rubbish and it strangles them or blocks their digestive system cause starvation. can also cause eventual slow death leading to drowning.

How we can protect the Atlantic ocean
1. Do not throw garbage or rubbish in lakes,rivers etc.
2.Do not throw rubbish in drains
3.Do not leave rubbish at the beach.
4.Be thoughtful were you put your rubbish
5.Use the right bins when putting rubbish weather it is Recycling or Gardening or even household rubbish.
This would make a Difference in the Atlantic ocean in the future.
We should protect the Atlantic ocean because it a amazing ecosystems with a beautiful habitat and with a big story to tell .And with wonderful creatures that live in the ocean and some creatures that are yet not even discovered.
Why we should protect the Atlantic ocean
words 1238
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