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Social Media Marketing

Idea fair

Anthony Ponder

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing
Social Media
Strategic Plan
The purpose behind a marketing program is to shape a company's reputation, bring in revenue, and keep a company relevant.
Mission Statement
Goals and Objectives
Our mission is that through the use of social media as a marketing device, we will reach a wider audience in hopes to increase the level of involvement talent recruited for positions, as well as reach broader areas in efforts to expand our market.

1. Increase the number of students applying for internship
2. To expand our residential market and increase revenue
3. To make companies aware of Anderson Pest Solutions
4. Disperse information to students, employees, and alumni quicker and at a constant rate
5. Communicate with students, alumni and employers on a personable level
Facebook Analysis
Custom Programs
Strengthen Relationships

Promote website
Promote FB page
Like button to increase influence
Build a community and buzz around services
Reaching Customers
Geo Tagging
Test Ads
Sponsored Stories
Bidding System
Budget Control
Likes & FB dollars
Fast Track v.s
Start to Success
Access to over 800 million
potential customers
Ability to narrow or broaden the
group of people that you want
Develop several ads and try
them out to different
Highlight news feed stories about specific
interactions people have had with your
Determine who sees your ad, and
also how much you spend
The ability to control every aspect of your spending
Lowering a companies cost
per click
Length of time for support
Price of program
With creating multiple groups, you can tailor information to specific audiences
while allowing them the ability to communicate with others within that group
who have shared interests.
Give consistent status updates regarding an array of topics ranging from events that Anderson will be having and or attending to giving information regarding specific pests and advice to avoid future problems
6 hours a week for 46 work weeks is $11,454.00
Approximately 13% of a salary of $86,500.00.
The initial possible max investment is roughly $18,250.00
One year of free service we would spend $432.00
38 sales from FB ads we would break even on our ad investment
27 more sales, and we would cover the cost of marketing manager time
If we just made the before mentioned 65 sales each year
and stayed at a constant rate we would gain 156 new customers over a 3 year period as
well generate $178,620.00 and make a 3 year profit of $88,620.00 from FB ads.
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