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SS 9: English Civil War - The Triumph of Parliament and the Return of the King

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Devon Allen

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of SS 9: English Civil War - The Triumph of Parliament and the Return of the King

The Triumph of Parliament and the Return of the King
Oliver Cromwell
Cromwell had little sympathy for anyone but Puritans.
Lord Protector
Cromwell's England
Cromwell divided the country in districts that were controlled by his military generals.
Cromwell's Death
Life in the Commonwealth
Killing Charles did not make England a republic.
by law Charles I son, Charles II, was the legal king
Rump Parliament voted to abolish the monarch and House of Lords.
The Problem
Many people questioned parliaments ability to do this because
members didn't represent a whole country...
The Solution
Ireland and Scotland both supported Charles II and considered themselves Royalists.
Parliament promised to dispatch the Roundhead army against anyone that disagreed with them.
Oliver Cromwell was sent to deal with the uprisings in both of these countries.
He massacred anyone that stood in his way.
Won two battles against the Scots
He killed entire garrisons of Irish soldiers and forcefully moved all the Irish Catholics to the south of Ireland
He creates an English Protestant colony in Norther Ireland
Cromwell soon grew tired of parliament.
He marched in with his troops and forcefully threw them out, locked the door, and put the key in his pocked.
He was named Lord Protector (military dictator) of England in 1653.
Each was responsible for law, order, collecting taxes.
The Blue Laws
The laws outlawed all pagan ceremonies.
His leadership was harsh and hated by many.
He even viewed himself as a failure because he opposed Charles I & ended up being just like him.
When Cromwell died in 1658, his son Richard Cromwell succeeded him.
His nickname was Tumble-Down Dick
He was a laughable leader & resigned. England was without a leader and a government...
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