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2013 Cotillion ~ Beautillion

Gwinnett County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cotillion ~ Beautillion Program.

Latabia Woodward

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Cotillion ~ Beautillion

What is a Beautillion? A rite of passage in which young men move from one stage of their lives to another.

People and cultures from prehistoric times onward created rites of passage to initiate boys into manhood.

Where young men come together and share ideas and learn proper ways to handle themselves in life.

There are three phases that constitute a proper rite of passage:

Separation: During this phase a boy is separated in some way from his former life.

Transition: During this phase, a boy is between worlds-no longer part of his old life but not yet fully inducted into his new one.

Re-incorporation. In this phase the boy, proving himself worthy, is re-introduced into his community as a young man, which recognizes and honors his new status. The History of Cotillions Cotillions originated in France in the 18th century and flourished during America's Age of Innocence.

An event where a young female is formally introduced into society representing grace and serving as a good depiction of polite society.

Girls who made their “debut” to society were generally the daughters of affluent doctors, lawyers and teachers.

The unspoken implication was that the poise, beauty, popularity and academic agility was a direct result of good parenting in order to bring forth such a daughter.

During cotillions, debutantes donned flowing white gowns and long white gloves; a symbol of innocence and purity. They were also accompanied by young males who escorted them. As with the debutantes, the escorts were also from a higher social and economic class. He had to be approved by cotillion organizers and was judged upon the same standards as debutantes.

One of the premier objectives of cotillions was to expose the world to sophisticated, well-educated young women who had high morals and ethics. "Raising the Standard of Excellence" GCAC's Cotillion ~ Beautillion The GCAC program is unique and the only program of its kind in the metro-Atlanta area.

Our program is the coalescence of the traditional debutante program and the customary male rites of passage program into what is the ...
Cotillion ~ Beautillion.

The finale is the completion of philanthropic, cultural and social training and a formal welcome of the debutantes and beaus into a world of civic responsibility and social awareness. Year at a Glance Welcome Reception – June 2013
2-Day Personal Development Summit – July 27 - 28, 2013
Golf Outing/Spa Day – August 2013
Community Service Projects – August, October & December 2013
Sorority Reception – September 2013
Classic/Sports Outing & College Fair – September 2013
Formal Tea - October 2013
Dining Etiquette – November 2013
Cultural Event - December 2013 & February 2014
Waltz Lessons Begin – January 2014
The Grand Ball - March 8, 2014 Financial Commitment Ball Presentation Requirements
Registration Fee ~ $550; Full Payment by 1st Meeting OR
Payment Plan Option:
$275 Upon Acceptance &
$275 at Welcome Reception; June 9, 2013
Cotillion ~ Beautillion Ball ~ 10 Tickets/1 Table
Souvenir Journal Ads ~ $2,000 Minimum
Receive $500 Scholarship Stipend

Maximum Scholarship Opportunities
All Ball Presentation Requirements plus
Top fundraiser ~ 40% of funds raised
2nd Top fundraiser ~ 30% of funds raised Signature Mixer 2013 Cotillion ~ Beautillion Program Requirements Complete Application due by March 1, 2013
Interview Process
Program Participation Requirements
Scholarship Funding
Formal Presentation to Society Eligibility Requirements Currently a HS Sophomore or Junior

Completed Application by Deadline

Must have 2.0 or higher GPA on 4.0 scale Program Contacts General Information ~ Denise Arnold, Esq. {404-822-1161}

Fundraising ~ Sue Westmoreland {678-595-2159}

Recruitment ~ Kelly James {404-543-0842}
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