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Ocean Of Words

No description

Jeffrey Kelly

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Ocean Of Words

Heirloom: a family possession handed down generartion to generation. "It's my family's heirloom"(1087)
fluorescent: having or showing fluoresence. "The stumps quivered in flourescent light" (1088)
curiousity: a strong desire to know or learn something. "After that, the chief never botherede Zhou again, but Zhous fellow coomrades didn't stop showing their curiosity." (1091)
the setting of this story is a Longmen city. "The dawn was driving the night away from Longmen city bit by bit, until, all of a sudden, a fresh daybreak descended, shining upon thousands of red roofs" (1084)
The mood of this book is very serious. The director tells Zhou why he must learn to read.
"We were all blind with good eyes!" (1089)
He says this because he can't read a message from his leader. He lost many men because he couldn't read a piece of paper that said retreat immediately.
Ocean Of Words
A Presentation by Jeffery Kelly
The tone of the story is very serious one. The Director doesnt want Zhou to end up like him, put in a position where he has to read, and be unable to,he understands that knowledge is power.
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