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Plain City By:Virginia Hamilton

No description

Alyse Holt

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Plain City By:Virginia Hamilton

Buhlaire Sims is an 13 year old girl. Her mother is always working which causes her to have to stay with her two aunts on her father’s side. Growing up is more on the hard side of her life. She gets teased for being a Water House Child, she gets called names like freak, and leftover. Girls in her class avoid being seen with her. That’s not all her father died in the Vietnam War. Soon secrets start to unravel about the history of her father. Buhlaire’s world is about to come apart and nothing will ever seem as it did before again.
Buhlaire is the main character in the book. She is Carmel with yellow-orangish hair. She is very courageous and outgoing. She stands up to the people that's make fun of her. She has no problem standing up to the or getting back at them. You can tell she is courageous because of how she poured the mild down Grady's face and punching him ’’people didn’t know she did anything till she was outta there and racing down the hall” She also is outgoing because of how interested she is in finding out who her dad is and if he is really dead. Buhlaire is so courageous you never know what she'll do next.
Buhlaire Sims
This book has many settings. The main setting of this book is at
Buhlaire’s Middle School. Plain Middle has a huge impact on the story. This has such a huge impact because this is where Buhlaire is most of the time. This is where she gets made fun of and the place where she finds out her father is possibly still alive. The Water House is also a major setting. The Water House is so major because it is one of the reason Buhlaire gets made fun of and its also the place she goes to lay her head at night. This place is where she has been staying her whole life. She stays here with her two aunts especially when her mother is gone on… work

Alyse Holt-Briggs Bryant Mahan
Damon Calhon
Plain City By:Virginia Hamilton
There are many different themes such as sadness, courage, and being strong. The main theme is courage. This struggle to be courageous is very obvious throughout the book in Buhlaries life. She has more struggles than the usual pre-teen girl that only courage could get her through. Buhlarie has courage when coming across some of the kids in her school. Also when it comes to asking her mother and aunts about her father that is still alive… or is he?
The biggest conflict is Buhlaire and her altercations with her peers. Buhlaire has many problems with her peers. She also has problems with herself. She feels that she is better than everyone else… while everyone else thinks the total opposite. They called her names, she was called “some leftover sixties flower child” by a classmates mother. So maybe she is a freak, or maybe she is better, or maybe she’s just a freak and leftover like everyone else thinks.

Cause\ effect
Buhlaire is very curious and outspoken. Because of this she loves telling how her father died in Vietnam war. It makes her proud that her father was fighting for her country…so she thinks. So when it come to her attention that her father is not dead she is set out to find out who her dad is and why she was told that he died in the Vietnam war
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