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Objective vs. Subjective

Point of View

Jenna DeMarco

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Objective vs. Subjective

Ok, Ms. DeMarco, ONE MORE TIME I DO Subjective vs. Objective Subjective-Contains bias, it is affected by personal views and values, opinion
Objective-Unbiased by personal views and values, unaffected by personal opinions We can do it now! Guys, try it one more time! Try this one alone! Subjective vs. Objective Point Of View Subjective Statement This sunset's colors make it beautiful and majestic. Objective Statement The sunset over the water contains orange and peach colors. Subjective Statement The pink of the flowers make this tree very eye-catching and beautiful. Objective Statement The tree reflects on the water near it making a mirror image. Subjective Statement Two adorable little girls are playing a little too roughly on a tire swing. Objective Statement Two little girls are playing together outside. Subjective Statement The Baltimore Ravens are the best football team EVER! Objective Statement The Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl this year. Subjective Statement The dog on the left is cuter than the dog on the right. Objective Statement There are two different breeds of dogs pictured in the image.
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