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Sales Meeting - Aug 2013

No description

Frank Selvaggi

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Sales Meeting - Aug 2013

New Faces, New Roles, New Responsibilities
What is Product?

What is IT / Solutions?

Where does PM Play?

How can you leverage each?
Intelidata Express Update

The Datacenter Move

EMS Update
The Data Center Move
When it's all done...
Sales will have faster connections, more responsive sessions and pivotal

Customers will have a more reliable IE platform
How do we get attributes turned on in Marts?
Jim is responsible for ensuring attributes are turned on
He'll guide you through the process

Why does it take so long?
Complex process that requires product setup, form completion, pricing updates, and mart re-builds

Solutions: Customization for customers, integration issues, system performance

Product: New attributes, model development, attribute sources, attribute selection, re-useable across customers

Programs: Attribute availability, counts, customer issue, model installs
Solutions versus Product versus Programs
Intelidata Express
New Features
Online Onboarding
Client Questionnaire Revamp
Dividing ITMA from General Subscriptions

Upcoming Features
EFX Online Onboarding
Browser Compatibility
Better platform management
Quicker access to new hires
More search access for current employees
It's an all-you-can-eat deal.
Blow it out!
Z4 Accts and Balances

Z4 Credit Inquiries

Z4 Percent Homes with Auto Lease Expiration

Z4 New Auto Density

TU Renter Triggers

Fannie-Freddie Flag

GSE Confirmed (TU / EFX)
New Attributes
Insight Scores
New and Better Insight Scores
Pay Day Insight
Green Auto Insight
Individual Political Insight
Second Mortgage ITM Insight
Refi ITM Insight
Risk Insight v2.0

Wholly-Owned Insight Scores
Risk Insight
Risk Insight's Sad Truth

The Good News

How to position it correctly
Vehicle Mart
Premium Consumer ITA Mart

Four Cars Per Record

Expansive Z4 Credit Selections

Pricing TBD
On January 1st, 2014, Datamyx will have...
Significantly improved search times within IE
Fewer interruptions of service
Pricing and product structure that facilitates penetration into ITA market
Improved credit attributes and scores including a flexibility to handle more customer-specific scores
We Got This.
A Nice Little Saturday
New Data Files
Email (October)

Auto Listings (November)

Complete MLS File / ITMA (2014)

Home Listings (In Test)

Pre-Deed Pre-Mover File (December)

Black Book Valuation Data (November)

Summarized Credit (October)

Demographic File (September)
IT / Solutions
Penetrating the ITA Campaign Market
Our arsenal of attributes is larger than you may realize.

If your client wants something that another provider has, then ask.

We are capable of creating it or we may have it.
Bottom Line:
"We Can Do That."
August 2013
IT and Product Update

A Conversation Between Morgan and Frank
New Data Files

New Attributes

Vehicle Mart
Occupational Industry


HNWI Assets

Public HH / SS VIII

Elderly Parent in Hhld

Auto Ins. Purchase Date
When will it be done?

Vehicle Mart Development
Who Do I Ask for What?
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