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that phenomena is really rarely happens to children mostly f

No description

Glenn Connelly

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of that phenomena is really rarely happens to children mostly f

that phenomena is really rarely happens to children mostly for adults because their brain are more developed and they are also experienced and suffer more things than a child
As you watch the video, note down any connections you see between the characteristics of the chess piece and the personality of the corresponding character in
Through the Looking Glass.
ESWBAT continue the discussion about
Through the Looking Glass
from last week
At your table:
Split into two teams to play chess against each other.
ESWBAT analyze the use of chess in
Through the Looking Glass
ESWBAT create a story based on a chess game
Why is Alice invisible when she first enters the Looking-glass house?

Why is the Looking-glass world a chessboard? What does it imply?

Why do the people in the Looking-glass world live backwards? What does it imply?

How do the poems represent Alice’s unconscious mind?

How is Alice able to dream about words she doesn’t know?

Why are chapters X and XI so short?

What is the significance of characters who are helpful or hurtful to Alice?
After three turns (both sides moving 3x each), pause the game and begin writing a short story that corresponds to the moves in the game.
After a short section of the story is written, continue the game. After three turns, pause the game and continue writing the story.
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