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Mottos- Words of Wisdom

2nd Grade: Chapter 1

Candace LaCroix

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Mottos- Words of Wisdom

Mottos- Words of Wisdom
Key phrases:
Don't you agree?
Dont you agree?
English class is the most fun. Don't you agree?
In my opinion...
In my opinion, rock is the best kind of music.
I think [that]...
I think [that] P.E. class is really fun.
In your groups...
Use ENGLISH to discuss the answers on the worksheet in your group.

Yes, I agree. / No, I don't agree.
In my opinion...

I think [that]...
Yes, I agree. / No, I don't agree.
Kpop is the best kind of music. Don't you agree?
Yes, I agree. / No, I don't agree.
Chocolate is delicious. Don't you agree?
Yes, I agree. / No, I don't agree.
In my opinion, spring is the best season.
in my opinion, math is very difficult.
Idiom of the day
"It costs an arm and a leg"
It is very expensive.
Example: It costs and arm and a leg to take the KTX train.
I think cats are the best kind of pet.

I think we should have less homework.
you do not have to say "that" in these kinds of sentences.
Write COMPLETE sentences on your cloud using the key phrases "In our opinion..." and " We think..."
Color and cut out your cloud

After you present....
If you did well-- you each get one card punch
If you did a very good job-- you each get 2 card punches
If you did a super job-- you each get 3 punches.
When you all agree....

Answer the questions on your worksheet using COMPLETE SENTENCES.
On your own...
Who is the best band? Why?
In my opinion
, Led Zeppelin is the best band
they are very talented musicians.
Idiom of the day
Hit the books
I have a test tomorrow. Time to

hit the books
to study
Each group will present their opinions to the class
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