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Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes

No description

Cool Turtles

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes

Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Author: Chris Crutcher Characters: Eric, is also known as "Moby" throughout the book. He is an intelligent boy who enjoys writing and enjoys sports. Eric is a very truthful, loyal, tends to see things the way they are, and is kind of stubborn. Though he is on his way to loosing weight, he isn't willing to end his friendship with Sarah Byrnes. Eric Calhoune Sarah is very independent, brave, trustworthy, insecure and scared. Sarah seems confident but if you she lets you into her mind you'll see how much she hates herself. Sarah Byrnes Mark is very religious. Everything he talks about involves God. He pretends to be someone who is perfect, but always blames others on his mistakes. He believes God forgives him easily then he does others. Mark Brittian - Eric Calhoune
- Sarah Brynes
- Mark Brittian
- Ms. Lemry
- Virgil Byrnes
- Dale Thorton
- Mr. Mautz
- Carver Middleton
- Steve Ellerby
- Jody Mueller Virgil Byrnes Exposition Virgil Byrnes is the father of Sarah Byrnes. He is a crazy man. He says he would do anything for his family. Even if that means hurting others. Exposition, continued While he is remembering he thinks about how Mr.Mautz got mad at him for exposing personal things for other people. He pleaded the fifth. Since he was smart. He got away with his actions. Eric visits his best friend Sarah Byrnes in the hospital psychiatric ward. Sarah is there because she completely stopped talking in English class.Then he remembers when him and Sarah created a newspaper called "Crispy Pork Rinds". The reason Eric and Sarah started writing "Crispy Pork Rinds" was because Eric and Sarah wanted to get back at Dale for all the times he has bullied them Rising Action Eric and Sarah became distant because Eric became more involved with swimming. So Sarah became close with Dale and told him the truth behind her scars. Eric went to ask Dale if he knew any reasons why Sarah stopped talking. Rising Action, continued. Eric becomes more close with his crush Jody Mueller. Jody tells Eric about how Mark Brittian forced her into getting an abortion. Mark had said that if she had the baby he would shame her. Finally, everyone had enough about Mark always bringing up God into their debates, so they all tell him off about that he isn't as perfect as he says he is. Mark denies everything that Eric, Jody, Ellebery and Mrs. Lemry say. Later on, they find out he tried to committed suicide. Climax Eric goes and visits Sarah in the hospital. She is afraid to talk because her dad,Virgil Byrnes, is watching her. Eric tells Sarah about Jody's abortion. Sarah cries and Eric tells Sarah to write down everything in the journal. In the journal it talks how she really got the scar from her father instead of a pot of spaghetti, how she wishes she was the one who was aborted, how she wants to find her mom, and how much she hates herself . Climax, continued. Sarah gets mad at Eric because he told Lemry about the journal that she blows her cover. Since she blew her cover, Lemry and Sarah go off to find Sarah's mom, Julie, in Reno, Nevada. Virgil Byrnes knows that Sarah isn't the hospital no more so he threatens Eric into to telling him where Sarah went. Eric wouldn't so Virgil cut him. Falling Action Because of Virgil Byrnes, Eric ends up in the hospital. In the hospital, Mark goes to visit him because Mark is in the hospital to. Mark apologizes for everything he did and tells the truth about everything he has denied. Mark tells Eric that he has been going to therapy because he is trying to get better. Lemry also comes to visit and tells Eric that Sarah found her mom. When they got to Reno, Julie denied that she was Sarah's mom because she didn't want to know how bad Sarah's life was. Falling Action, Continued Eric is still in the hospital. Sarah comes to visit him and tells him that she is going to leave. Sarah wants to leave so that her dad won't hurt anyone else. Sarah talks about how she felt normal when she was Lemry and that she was going to catch the bus to Midwest Kansas. Eric and Lemry didn't want her to go so they went to the buss station and caught her trying to ride the train. Lemry and Eric stopped her from leaving because they were afraid of never seeing her again. Lemry and Eric ended up convincing Sarah to stay and live with Lemry. Resolution Eric and Mark are now out of the hospital, They arrive at to CATs class. Mark says he wants to talk to the class about something important. Mark confesses that he was a liar and he apologies for that.Eric was talking about how he saw Carver on Channel Six and had an interview with the news people. Carver assaulted Mr. Byrnes because he had hurt Sarah and threatened other people. Carver said he had felt good about hurting Mr.Brynes, Carver beat up Mr. Brynes in his "Secret Cellar" Resolution 24 hours before Sarah had turned 18 Lemry and Mr. Lemry had adopted her. She finally felt better and normal. Overall Theme The overall theme of the story is to stand up for yourself even if its hard and takes some time. Ms. Lemry Ms. Lemry is the CATs teacher and the swim coach. She helps Eric with Sarah and helps with their problems Dale Thorton Dale is the same age as Eric and Sarah. He failed 8th grade so many but he is suppose to be in the same in the 12th grade with Eric and Sarah. At first he was known as a bully to Sarah but later discovers they have a lot in common and become friends Mr. Mautz Mr.Mautz is the assistant principal at Eric and Sarah's High School. Also is very religious. Carver Middleton Carver is Eric's mother boyfriend. Carver gives advice to Eric throughout the story Steve Ellerby Steve is Eric's other best friend. Ellerby is also on the swim team with Eric. He also helps Eric with his problems dealing with Sarah. Jody Mueller Jody is Eric's crush. Jody is also in Eric's CATs class By: Kelsia, Jordan, Maria, Isaac and Emily :D
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