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7 Functions of marketing

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raequon hardy

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of 7 Functions of marketing

7 Functions of marketing
by R.H.

Corporation building
#7 Selling REPULSE
Selling my product will be followed by the demand and the supply of my items. The more they want, the more i will rise the price.
Video Promo101 !!!
# 6 Promotion
My promotion is a way to persuade, inform, or remind potential customers of my sports brand. Like on the Super Bowl, or on the grammys, or on the radio, or on google. Advertising in strategies will be posters!
#5 Product/ Service Management: REPULSE
For more profits i will have to; develop, maintain, and improve my product. Towards my customers needs and wants.
#4 Pricing
Repulse pricing will be based on how 1; to add services and goods to make a profit,2; I have to compete with all the competitors, Nike, Air jordan, Addidas, 3, and i will have to meet what people are willing to pay.
#3 Marketing Info Management: REPULSE
I have to study and analyze my information to the public. Ex: How can I meet the publics eye long enough to last a commercial on my goods. Then I have to try t use my info to be successful and become fortunate!
First I will have to get my sports gear to my customers. By transporting my goods by truck, plane, or ship. The shoes i don't use will have to be in a store ware house until i use them. I will be distributing shoes, socks, shirts, sweat pants, jackets, posters, sweat bands, wristbands, shorts, plague shirts, sports pads etc.....
#2 Financing REPULSE
I will have to get loans or try to find endorsers to help me engine this corporation. Maybe i will have to combine with the Nike corporation or have someone put their in put in to start the business. If not i have to prove to the bank that loaning me an amount won't hurt them!
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