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'Something's Coming'

No description

Jonathan Fitzpatrick

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of 'Something's Coming'

AOS 2 - Music in the 20th Century
'Something's Coming'
Bernstein: Music and Influences
Key Elements
The 'diabolus in musica' - the tritone
from West Side Story (1957)
Leonard Bernstein
The Rise of Musical Theatre
and Burlesque
and Operatta
Minstrelsy and
Broadway and
West End Musicals
Mirrors much of Shakepeare's Romeo and Juliet.
West Side Story
'Something's Coming'
Dissonances and
fast driving
rhythms - Bebop
Syncopation and
blue notes - Blues
Latin American dance rhythms
The sophisticated synthesis of jazz and classical musical idioms
The use of long, extended dance scenes to convey the drama
Arkell, J., Martin, J. (2009) Edexcel GCSE Music. Pearson Education Limited.

Burton, H. (1994) Leonard Bernstein. London: Faber and Faber Limited.

Simeone, N. (2009) Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Limited.

Terry, P. (2008) Musicals in focus. London: Rhinegold Publishing Ltd.

Wells, E. (2011) West Side Story: Cultural Perspectives on an American Musical. Plymouth: Scarecrow Press.

"It's really going to save his character- a driving 2/4 in the great tradition (but ofcourse f***** up by me with 3/4s and what not) - but it give Tony balls - so that he doesn't emerge as just a euphoric dreamer" (Bernstein).
A late addition to the musical.
A 'bright-eyed hope' that set's it apart from the negativity and gang mentality of the Jets.
Encapsulates Tony's sense of anticipation
The Sharks
The Jets
from earlier works
Synagogue music/Yiddish Songs
"Despite these influences Bernstein's score does not sound derivative: this is music which has the stamp of a composer whose voice is not only instantly identifiable but also obstinately memorable."
(Simeone, 2009)
Rhythms of South
and Central America
Appears near the beginning of the story.
From this point onwards the tragedy inevitably unfolds.
About real human conflicts and tensions in a harsh inner-city environment.
The drama hinges around the love affair of Tony and Maria.
Theme of violence and tragedy.
Uses dance to convey drama.
Music as a
'A tragic musical comedy' (Bernstein)
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