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5 Themes of Geography

No description

Michelle Sprague

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography

75 percent of the people entering or leaving Spain travelled by road

90 percent of imported or exported goods were transported by sea Michelle Sprague
August 31, 2012 Map citation in Chicago style Spain is located on the the continent of Europe. Political Map of Europe Location Political Map of Spain Madrid Absolute Location 40˚25’N 3˚42’W Madrid is located close to the geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula. Bordered in the south by the Tagus River, in the north by the Cordillera Central mountains. Relatively no major cities within 200 km. Madrid is farther West than London and Edinburgh. Relative Location Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is the seat of government and the house of the monarchy. The city has a turbulent history. Built on the principal of centralization. On the 2nd of May 1808 a revolt started here, initiating the War of Independence. Also, Madrid was a hot seat during the Napoleonic Wars, especially the Peninsular War. Why Madrid? Place Physical Characteristics Human Characteristics Mountains Six major mountain ranges Pyrenees Range is the most famous Pico de Aneto (3404 m) 42° 38' N; 0° 39' E The summit is a shark's tooth rising above a small glacier. Peninsula Iberian Peninsula
Bordered by the Atlantic and Mediterranean 4,964 km of Coastline Climate cool, cloudy winters cold winters Coast: moderate, cloudy summers; Temperate overall
Interior: clear, hot summers; cloudy, Plateau Meseta Central (Central Plateau) Madrid is at the center
Extends over 210,000 square km
Average elevation of 660 metres Rivers Longest waterway

Basis of irrigation efforts
Important in economic development Tagus River of the peninsula Political Systems Parliamentary Monarchy
King, Chief of State
Head of Government, President of Language Patterns Castilian

Galician the Government (Prime Minister) Spanish Population Density Madrid
0.654% growth Religion Roman Catholic 94%
Other 6%
Much dispute between Catholics, Muslims, Jews, and Protestants Architecture Diverse styles and influences Movement Regions Spain consists of 17 administrative regions Regions 15 of which are on mainland Spain. Unique language
Mediterranean culture base
Most cosmopolitan area of Spain
Long history of international commerce Catalonia Soccer Castilian: Spanish
Official language
Basque: Euskera
Seven different variations
Galician: Related to Portugese
12th century origins
Catalan: Romance language
Spoken by 12 million Language Up until 1970, there was a well-established grouping of provinces into historical regions. Castile New Castile: Madrid, Provinces now in Castile-La Mancha except Albacete.
Old Castile: Castile and Leon (minus the three provinces of Leon) plus the autonomous communities of Cantabria and La Rioja. Many of the regions could be traced back to kingdoms of the Age of Exploration. History of reconquest and war
Ferdinand and Isabella

Located on a plateau
Separated by Sistema Central Basque: Espainia
Catalan: Espanya
Castilian: España
French: Espagne Sustained tension and historical significance football rivalry Barcelona and Real Madrid. Depend Modify Adapt Consequences Human/Environment Interaction Irrigation: A Flowchart These regions are divided into over 50 provinces Andalucia
Balearic Islands
Basque Country
Canary Islands
Castilla La Mancha
Castilla y Leon
La Rioja
Valencia Major Attractions:
- works of Gaudi
The coast
Pyraneese Mountains Entesa Catalonia de Progress (coalition of four Catalan parties) What Makes Spain Special? Spain vs. USA Centralization Policies Madrid, poor geographic location
Spawned rivalries of regions
"Misplaced" nationalism Variety In regions
In physical features
In languages Naturally arid
Need rivers to support life Ex. Tagus River Highest population density near coast
Less arid, more temperate Irrigation was brought in 8th Century
Developed over the 750 years
Quite sophisticated systems
Even today keep agriculture alive throughout the peninsula. Spain The Five Themes of Geopgraphy Water pollution with
nutrients and pesticides Damage to habitats
and aquifer exhaustion Increased erosion
of cultivated soils Moors Key Major City Capital City Country Border “Europe :: Spain.” The World Factbook. Last Modified August 24, 2012. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html Communications Telephones: 51.493 million mobile phones
Internet: 28.119 million internet users
Television: satallite and cable are available
Radio: Multiple national radio stations 681,298 km of roadways Transportation 1,000 km of waterways, access to ocean Blibliograhpy Invaded Spain, with Islam, in 711
Overran the Visigoths
Spread northward into France
Turned back by Charles Martel Moorish cities: Toledo, Granada, and Seville The last Moorish city, Granada,
was captured by Fernidad V
and Isabella I in 1492. Bibliography - Pictures
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