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No description

Che Kam Patel

on 25 July 2016

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Transcript of SPEAKING

Thank You!
Action of conveying message through speech.

What do we call "speak" without using mouth and voice?
Studies show that...
Speaking is the hardest skill.

Spoken language in different contexts
Geographically - regions - different language use - convey different meaning.

Includes - words - expressions - pronunciations.
Spoken language in different contexts
New words - selfie - hashtag - catfish

Generations - Grandparents - Youngsters

It differs not only from places but also across cultures - age - year - situations - social status.
Why do you want to give the speech?

Why do you want to have the conversation in the first place?

Are you persuading someone? Express anger? Boasting?

This context will also play a part of the "level of rudeness".
Which of the four skills is the hardest?
To your friends?
To a doctor?
To your parents?
To your partner?
To your teacher?
To your boss/worker?
To a stranger?
To children?
To a foreigner/someone from different culture?
How do you speak???
The repertoire promotes evolution/changes to the spoken language.

Is it good? Or bad?
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