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Career Shadowing Swim 4 Life

No description

Paige Rimmer

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Swim 4 Life

Career Shadowing Swim 4 Life
Stacy Elliott
By: Paige Rimmer Purpose of the Company The purpose of the Company, Swim 4 life is to teach young kids how to swim. Many kids have had a terrible death by drowning. In 2004 kids of ages 1-4, 26% of them died by drowning in a pool. One of the business owners acutally got the idea to start this business because her own child had a near death experience by drowning. Where will the company be in 15 years? This company will probably be in the same postiition it is now, to work on saving more kids from drowning every day.
Employability skills needed for this job Some of the main employability skills needed for this job would be honesty, trust, and organization. Trust is probably the biggest employability skill because it makes the kids comfortable around the employee who is trying to teach little kids how to swim. Also the parents need to be able to trust the instructor because otherwise they would not want to have their child learn to swim there. Honesty is another one because they could not tell the kid's parents that they have now learned to swim on their own when they haven't, that could cause major problems. Oganization is the last one because you cannot run a business without being organized, you have to know when your appointments are set for each kid to come in and you have to have everything ready before the DATE starts. Average Salary and Education Needed to Work there. For an instructor they get paid by the hour by their customers or the parent's child. They usually get apaid around 100 dollars an hour, and about 500 dollars a month. Technology used in this job:Technology is not a big part of Swim4Life's business because most of the time they are working with kids in the pool. Although they do use phones to make appoinments with clients an they also have their own website. Skills (job-related and social etiquette) needed for this job:
Some of the skills needed for this job is patience and communicaton. Patience is one of the key skills because you have to teach young kids to learn how to swim, it may seem like an easy job, but it can actually be a very frustrating job. Communication is another skill needed in this job because you have to be able to communicate with young kids and their parents, also known as your clients. Would I pursure a career in this job?
Although, it would be an exciting job to do, it also takes a lot of patience and that is a skill that I'm not very good at. I would probably enjoy a job with more technology because I understand computers and know how to work them very well. What did I like best about this job?:
What I loved best about this job was getting to go in the water and work with little kids.
I have always had a passion for swimming and helping to save more lifes.
What did I dislike most about this job?:
One thing that I did dislike about Swim4Life was that it didn't use alot of technology and I love to work with computers. That is probably the only thing I really disliked about this job.
*Videos and Pictures were not allowed while caeer shadowing my mentor
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