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By: Nicole and Tatyiana

No description

Maureen Bevis

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of By: Nicole and Tatyiana

The day Nicole and Taty found a leprechaun
By: Nicole and Tatyiana
cheerleader ,red curly hair,and wear lots of green.
One hot St. Patty Day Nicloe and Tatyiana were walking to the peaceful library.When all of a sudden Taty and Nicole realized that there was a green speck on the sidewalk.We stopped and picked up the green speck it said ''Happy St Patty Day''!They were flabbergasted that they have seen a leprechaun!So they gently asked,''What is your name little girl?"My name is Mia! she replied.Taty and Nicole picked Mia up and said ''that's a very nice name Mia.Taty and Nicole replied. Mia said ''thank you''. She politely asked ''can I spend the day with you please?" She put her cute face on. Taty and Nicole didn't have a choice. Of course they said ''yes you may.''
First we ate breakfast. She ate 3 pancakes with whip cream and dyed them green. We thought they were tasty so did Mia. Thy drank a green milkshake. We thought they were nasty but Mia thought they were tasty. Tatyiana and Nicole were disgusted by the milkshake so they got some fresh cold tasty Sunny D.
After breakfast we got dressed .We all put green outfits on.Then we went outside and did cartwheels,handstands,and splits.
At dinner we had pizza with green peppers . Then we went outside again to play tag. When the sun went down we came in.When we got in the house we sat on the coach .Then we watched Sam and Cat.While we were watch Sam and Cat . Then Tatyiana popped some fresh popcorn.
When bedtime
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