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Olympic Quiz

A quiz to entertain the non-competitors on Sport's Day.

Mr Beavis

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Olympic Quiz

The London 2012 Quiz Round One: General Olympic Knowledge 1. Usain Bolt is the fastest man the world has ever seen, but, to the nearest tenth of a second, what is his 100 meters world record?

2. Name the five colours that make up the Olympic Rings.

3. In which two distances did "Mighty" Mo Farah win his two gold medals?

4. Who accompanied the Queen to the stadium for the opening ceremony.

5. Andy Murray played in the tennis for Team GB, but what colour medal did he win? 6. The Brownlee brothers both won a medal in the same event at London 2012, what event was it?

7. In what country will the next Olympics be held?

8. And in what year will they take place?

9. What did the Royal Mail do for every Gold Medal winning Olympian and Paralympian?

10. Oscar Pistorius is the first amputee to run in the Olympics, but where is he from? Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green 5'000 and 10'00 meters James Bond (Danial Craig) Gold! 6. Triathlon 7. Brazil (Rio De Janiro) 8. 2016 9. Painted a postbox Gold 10. South Africa Round Two: Name that medalist 1. Ellie Simmonds 2. Andy Murray 3. Jess Ennis 4. Usain Bolt 5. David Wier 6. Michael Phelps 7. Victoria Pendleton 8. Sir Chris Hoy 9. Roger Federer 10. Rebecca Addlington Round Three: The Olympic Venues 1. What is the name of the venue where the cycling takes place?

2. What is the name of the boxing venue?

3. What district is home to the Olympic Park?

4. What colour is the large tower that has been built in next to the Olympic Stadium?

5. To the nearest 10'000, what is the capacity of the Olympic Stadium? 1. 9.58 Seconds (9.6) 2. Blue, black, green, yellow, red. 3. 5'000 meters and 10'000 meters. 4. James Bond (Daniel Craig) 5. Gold! 6. The sailing took place in a famous seaside town, what is its name?

7. Michael Phelps has won more Olympic Medals than anyone, but in what venue did he win his London 2012 medals?

8. What famous landmark had a "beach" created to play the beach volleyball on?

9. To the nearest 1000, how many people could live in the Olympic Village?

10. Where did the final of the Olympic football tournament take place? 2. The Excell Arena 3. Stratford 4. Red 5. 80'000 6. Weymouth 8. Horse Guard's Parade. 9. 17'000 10. Wembly Stadium Round Four: Olympic History 1. Where were the first Modern Olympics held? (Clue: The London 2012 mascots are named after the villages.

2. Baron Pierre De Coubertin restarted the Olympic Games as we know them now in 1896, where was he from? 3. This is a picture of a famous British sprinter, but who is it? 4. What happens next? (Quizmaster to stop the video at 5 secs). 5. Who was the first man to run under four minutes for a mile? (Clue: Think about the stairs in your house.) 6. Who has won the most Olympic medals at summer Olympic Games? (This person may have already been an answer today.)

7. Which country has won the most medals at Olympic Games? 8. This iconic sportsman, voted the greatest athlete of the 20th Century, lit the flame at the Atlanta Olympics, who is he? 9. This remarkable arena, called the Bird's Nest Stadium, was the main venue for the games when they were held where? 10. What position did Team GB come in the overall medal table at London 2012 and, for two bonus points, name the countries above us. 1. Much Wenlock and Stoke Mandeville 2. France 3. Linford Christie 5. Roger Bannister 6. Micheal Phelps 7. The USA (they have won more than twice as many medals than any other nation.) 8. Muhammad Ali 9. Beijing, China 10. Third behind, surprise surprise , The USA and China. Round Five: The final throw of the dice This round is a little different. I am going to show you a series of races and you are going to have the opportunity to gamble up to five of your points on the outcome. The odds on each racer are 2-1 meaning that if you win, you will double the points that you bet. Of course, if you lose then those points are gone for good! Race One: The 100 meters Butterfly at Beijing Winner: Lane 5, Michael Phelps Race Two: Paralympic 200 meter final. Winner: Lane 7: Alan Oliveira Race Three: 400 meters Freestyle Final at Beijing Winner: Lane 4: Laure Manaudou Race Four: Men's 110 meter final at Athens Winner: Lane 4: Liu Xiang The final race: It's a double limit race (maximum bet is 10)
The Beijing Paralympics Backstoke Final. Winner: Lane 4: Justin Zook Now add your scores so we can see who has won.
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