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Legacy Community Health Services

No description

Sammy Nesbit

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Legacy Community Health Services

Legacy Community Health Services
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Amy Leonard, Vice President of Public Health
Jason Black, Director of Public Health
Rachel Nahan, Director of Public Health
John "Kiah" Augbon, Prevention Supervisor
Pamela Davis- Jolivet, Prevention Supervisor
Michael Webb Jr., Prevention Supervisor
Over the past 25 years, Legacy’s Public Health Services Department has HIV counseled and tested more than 120,000 clients and has administered over 65,000 STD tests.
Since 2010 Legacy’s Public Health Services team has grown from 8 full-time staff members to over 30 full-time staff.
In 2014, Legacy Public Health Services Unit tested 5,742 people for HIV testing through the community outreach program with 4% positivity rate.
Legacy's Public Health average testing population is between the ages of 19 and 35, with an average age of 30.

Leadership Team
• In 2014, Care Navigators linked more than 40 people into primary medical care.
• IN 2014, Community Health Workers hosted more than 200 health education classes
• In 2014,Health Promoters and Providers performed more than 2000 blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol tests.

Community Health Workers
Highlight of the Public Health Services Department
HIV & STD Screening
Education & Outreach
Mpowerment Intervention
4th-Generation HIV Testing
PrEP Prevention
Couples HIV Testing & Counseling
Patient Navigation
Community Education & Screenings
Family Planning
Glucose screening

Services & Programs
• In 2014, provided 2,253 HIV test through our Legacy-Montrose location and other community-based venues.
• In 2014, provided HIV-testing to over 17 locations throughout Houston-Gulf Coast region.
• In 2014, the HIV testing team identified more than 75 newly diagnosed HIV-positive individuals.

Community Outreach & HIV Testing
Take a Stroll in the City
with Public Health Services

Patient Navigation
• In 2014 linked more than 150 HIV+ adolescents and youth into HIV primary medical care at Legacy-Montrose Campus.
• Patient Navigators have linked more than 75 people into PrEP services.

A program of Legacy Community Health Services dedicated to uplifting and empowering Gay, Bisexual Men, and Transgendered Persons of Color. MSociety empowers community members through personal & professional development while also providing HIV/AIDS prevention, outreach, education, and awareness.
MSociety Highlights
In 2014, MSociety tested over 1,800 individuals for HIV through various community outreach programs with 6% positivity rate.
MSociety hosted 70+ Community HIV awareness and empowerment events.
In 2014, provided HIV prevention services to over 2,500 individuals through community events, HIV-Testing & Counseling, and Health Education groups.
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