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Apple usage in family domains.

No description

Mia Majstorovic

on 30 October 2016

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Transcript of Apple usage in family domains.

The iPod Nano 1st Generation
The iPhone 3G - 2008
Years pass by and our Apply device collection grows and grows. By 2013, my sister and I have easily gone through about 2 iPod touches each (due to clumsiness - we were shockers for dropping them!).
Here is what remains of our ridiculous Apple collection.
Meet my family. We're loud, noisy, not so traditional and full of love and sarcasm. There's a lot differences between us - believe me - in views, opinions, tastes and what not. But what's one thing that we all have in common?
First up, with every new device comes a new way to listen to its music, charge the device and use apps.
So, why do we keep turning back to apple products? Well it’s simple. First and foremost, it has easy integration with other Apple devices and easily streamlined. As a result it's changed the way families interact, communicate and spend their time. Apple products in the home challenge the way we use personal devices in public spaces, as seen here in our family living room. Take note: Three devices all linked to the one cloud, a classic example demonstrating Apples streamlined approach.
The year is 2016 and the iPhone 7 is newly launched. I don't give it long until it makes its way into my home!
The year is 2010 and mum unwraps her shiny new laptop from its box. It's the Macbook Pro.
"It's so thin!" I exclaim.
Geez, if I was to pick up that laptop now I'd class it as a weight lifting session.

And we've gone through a hell of a lot of Apple devices.
Let me take you back to 2005.
We're all Apple users.
And with that whole mass comes a whole lot more cables...
I was in early primary school and my friend Maddie was staying over the night. We snuck into the kitchen and went straight to the iPod. I knew I wasn't meant to use it, but there I was, sneakily swirling around the control panel, pretending that I knew what I was doing. Little did I know that years later it would become mine. Then Zoe's. And then Eva's.
I remember the day mum brought the iPod Nano 1st Generation home.
I'm talking about iPod shuffles, numerous iPod touches, various iPod generations like the Classics + Nanos, iPads, god knows how many iPhones, 4 Apple laptops and a desktop computer.
Back to 2016. Over an 11 year period my family have gone through a large sum of Apple products.
I was too scared to hold it. It was the most superior piece of technology I had seen at the time.
Slowly my parents began to convert from their trusted Motorolla's to the new and 'super' technologically advanced iPhones.
So, what does the value of all these old Apple products add up to?
Well, just for the Apple products in the previous photo alone...

$8,500 +


...and ear phones...
...and a whole bunch of ways to listen to music
What a staggering amount of money over time.

In my family, when a newly released Apple device is purchased, the now old Apple device gets passed down to someone else.

And quite often, with every new Apple device is a new component vital to its usability. This can be seen with the update of the old charging ports versus the current lightning port. Hence the constant need for new cables and speakers which have rapidly grown in my family’s collection.
Secondly, it’s the hype of a new product, duh! Considering that in the last quarter, according to Apple, Apple sold 45.513 million iPhones (and that’s iPhones alone) it’s no wonder why there is a buzz around new products and the desire to upgrade. Some may argue that it is a social requirement to own an Apple device, some may update and contribute to this figure due to faults in the phone, whereas for others it is merely a case of wanting the 'bigger and better'.
What else about Apple keeps us coming back
to their devices?
The sheer simplicity of its interfacing
Consistency of quality
These key points along with Apples successful product launches, effective marketing campaigns and unrivaled popularity have entailed Apples competitive advantage and immense success.
I for one could not imagine growing up and not having an Apple product nearby to work on assessments, listen to music, snap classic moments and browse the web. Apple has defined the way that I use technology and probably still will for years to come.

RIP to my iPhone 6S. Looks like you'll be getting the boot soon.
Whether you're watching this from your Macbook or PC, I am sure that you recognise the impact Apple has made in technology in the family home.
The iPad has been
cut out
Why do we have such a high turn over rate in family spaces of Apple products?

And why do we continue to invest our money towards Apple products?
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