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5.05 - Acids and Bases

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Amelia Larkin

on 26 March 2016

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Transcript of 5.05 - Acids and Bases

5.05 - Acids and Bases
Use the Internet, your library, or science textbooks to learn more about acids and bases. Identify important characteristics, chemical properties, physical properties, pH ranges, and examples of acids and bases. Ideas for reporting the information include: make lists, write a paragraph, or use a Venn diagram. Please make sure to review the rubric. You will turn your work in to your instructor.
Acids have a pH of 0-7
Bases have a pH of 7-14
Sour taste
Increases the concentration of hydrogen ions when added to water

Corrosive (burns your skin and breaks down other materials)
Forms hydrogen gas when it comes in contact with a metal
Forms salt and water when added to a base

Bitter taste (Never taste or smell a substance unless your parent/guardian tells you that it is okay!)
Slippery feeling (Never touch a substance unless your parent/guardian tells you that it is okay!)

Increases the concentration of hydroxide ions when added to water
Forms salt and water when added to an acid

Thank You
Tatsuya, Kato. Rhythm of Port Town. Ever Blue Sounds. Lantis, 2013.
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