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Car Pollution Prezi

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Allison Halliday

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Car Pollution Prezi

Car Pollution In Beijing By: Eric, Sarah, Ally, Giulia, and Steven Car Pollution in Beijing Car Pollution in Beijing Problem/Solution Interview of Jeff THANKS FOR WATCHING! Visual Thinking Next Steps Research Prototype Deep Dive/Empathize Ideate Define Car Pollution in Beijing What is the pollution doing to people? The prototype that we have come up with is the scratch car or the wifi car. The Scratch car uses simple coding to make the car move. With the switch, cars won´t need to refill on gas. This will help with pollution and make it so people don't spend so much on gas. 1. Find Software
2. Share ideas with engineers
3. Make The Scratch Car
4. Start to sell it all over the world! Car. A three letter word that has affected the human race in so many ways. There are some ups and downs about cars. Unfortunately, in order for cars to run. They need to have gas. Gas is a very important effort in our lives. Gas makes cars go, it’s that simple. Car pollution has sped up global warming and comes from car exhaust. When a car engine is on lots of different kinds of gases are released into the environment. Most of the gases released into the environment are very unhealthy for humans, which is not good. One of the biggest problems that we are having with car pollution in Beijing, is when an engine is running, it is emitting carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, carcinogens, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides.
In January of this year Beijing closed over thirty factories that produced high pollution. But this action didn’t fix much. On an average day Beijing has a two point five micrometers of particulate matter floating about the air.
When we think of car, we think of our evolution. It is actually too much of a good thing. The cars are seriously affecting the air.. Ever since it happened global warming, holes in our ozone layer the car was invented global warming has been happening faster and There are more holes in our ozone layer. If we keep this up we will have no ozone at all. 1. Is the pollution so bad that people have to wear masks?
2. What is one of the biggest problems about the pollution?
"It burns your eyes and sinuses and also makes it hard to breathe."
3. What does the city look like?
"It looks like a sandstorm, or thick haze."
4.What does the city smell like?
"It smells like burning coal and car pollution."
5.Anything else?
"Most factories don't have safety precautions, and are very hot and sweaty. Workers don't have any protection as they are cutting wood and stones. No eye goggles or anything. Out at the Great Wall outside of Beijing the poor people chip off stones to use as protection from the wild weather. But, on the bright side, you can get some of the best Peking duck in all of China." HAVE A NICE DAY ! People are getting sick and can't breathe
Kids can't play outside
The City is covered in thick blanket of grey almost daily
People wear masks
This is pathetic, and something must be done! people used to ride bicycles and take public transit
population+wealth+cars = pollution
people now drive on traffic jammed streets
car pollution is making people in Beijing sick with diseases such as asthma and cancer, and have burning eyes
Worst amount of pollution is in Beijing, China (inland city)
People have to wear gas masks because there is too much smog in the air
Kids aren't allowed to play outside without a mask
burning of coal provides electricity (still a problem if an electric car is proposed) The Baking soda and Vinegar Car
The Potato
The Scratch Car
Solar Panel Car
The Electric Car
The Air Car
Electric assisted bicycle
change coal power factories to use wind and solar for electricity This shows the statistics of the amounts of pollution in Beijing
<--------- This is a picture of China from space, all the grey stuff is pollution
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