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The Ministry of Mentoring

No description

Lauren Hurn

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of The Ministry of Mentoring

The Ministry
of Mentoring Global Staff Development
HR Division
Lester J. Hirst, PhD A Theological
for Mentoring Trinitarian foundation The (restored) image of the Triune God influence,
stewardship in multi-directional,
relationship Father Son Spirit Initiative
John 3:16 God's image restored
and modeled in Christ 2 Corinthians 4:4,10 & Colossians 1:15-20 Emphasizes
release Incarnation anchors
us in the created
order Empowerment
John 14 Invitation
John 6:44 Waiting
Luke 15:11-24 Internal
John 3 Community
1 Cor 3:16 & Eph 2:22 Why is it
powerful? It places common growth
needs in the context of
service to God and others. professional development
life skills
character formation Prayerful dependence
on God Respectful of
the individual believe in and for them
courageously challenge them
affirm based on God's presence in and vision for them Love them enough to
let them struggle The context and support of the
Spirit-indwelt community of faith What is
mentoring? An encounter between God, mentor, and mentee in a Christian community A pathway of growth in Christ-likeness and true humanity An intenional relationship of accountability, commitment, and care A contextualized and holistic
learning experience A relational experience in which one person empowers another person by sharing God-given resources Paul Stanley and J. Robert Clinton, Connecting Why is mentoring
important? Effective, faithful ministry
to the whole person Sustainable in ministry Adaptable in any ministry setting Promotes life-long learning Universally appropriate Significant way to develop
self and others Understanding
Mentoring National Ethnic Gender Generation Social class what
do you
belong to? Foundations
of Mentoring Trust and relationship building Support and encouragement Healthy accountability Discernment Feedback and reflection Mentoring Skills Relationship
Building active, empathetic
listening genuine
understanding and acceptance of feelings purpose: create a climate of trust allows mentees to honestly
share and reflect upon their
personal experiences Facilitation guidance through a reasonably in-depth review and exploration of the interests, abilities, ideas, and beliefs purpose: assist mentees in considering alternative views and options while reaching their own decisions Confrontation respectfully challenging mentees'
explanations for or avoidance of decisions
relevant to their development purpose: help mentees attain insight into unproductive strategies and behaviors an to evaluate their need and capacity to change Vision "mentor stimulates mentee's critical
thinking with regard to envisioning
their own future and to developing
personal and professional potential" purpose: "encourage mentees to function
as independent adult learners, to take initiatives
to manage change, and to negotiate constructive transitions through personal...events" Norman H. Cohen, Mentoring Adult Learners Modeling "mentor shares appropriate
life experiences and feelings
as a role model" purpose: motivate mentees
to take necessary risks, make
decisions without certainty of successful results, and continue
to overcome difficulties in their
own journey Using Mentoring
in Your Personal
Growth Plan design strategies that involve
the whole person and involve
stretch of faith build in appropriate means
of reflection and support invite accountability
by your mentor identify your growth needs/challenges
and indicators clarify meaningful growth markers set a goal that is specifc, achievable, meaningful Results of
Mentoring Personal development
on many levels moving from dependence
to interdependence (social) moving from self-centered to
others-centered to God-centered (spiritual) moving from beginner to intermediate to advanced (skills) Ability to build
relationships listening maintaining trust empathy self-awareness discernment of
God's call Ability to take responsibility
for personal, lifelong growth Getting Started Share your journey Discuss expectations confidentiality boundaries logistics accountability Meet in a neutral,
non-threatening place Prioritize your
time together Encourage mentee
to take initiative Periodically evaluate, renegotiate, adjust Cultural Layers groups which
are a part of
your family male/female
differences youth,
older adults job and status
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