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The Knife of Never Letting Go

No description

Maxine Arnheiter

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Knife of Never Letting Go

The Knife of Never Letting Go
Character Analysis: Todd Hewitt

Todd starts out very accepting of his simple life in Prentisstown, he believes that he will only be a man when he turns 13
Todd meets Viola and is dumbfounded and almost frightened by his first interactions with a girl. The reader sees that Todd is confused and scared that Viola has no noise
Todd and Viola start to talk and grow closer
Todd faces inner conflict- what does it really mean to be a man and does he have what it takes
Todd discovers the hidden secrets of Prentisstown and its evil past, he becomes more independent and realizes that age doesn't define bravery or strength
teaches Todd about himself and helps him realize that he has bravery in him
Todd's companion, keeps Todd company even if Todd can sometimes by annoyed by Manchee
“I rub the ears of my dog, my stupid goddam ruddy great dog that I never wanted but who hung around anyway and who followed me thru the swamp and who bit Aaron when he was trying to choke me and who found Viola when she was lost and who's licking my hand with his little pink tongue.."

The Knife of Never Letting Go Character Analysis: Viola
Todd Hewitt is the last boy in Prentisstown, a colony on the planet New World. On the New World, a native species called Spackle released a 'germ' to the men and animals that settled there. The germ made it so everyone could hear everyone else's thoughts. This created a constant noise that the people on New World had to live with. In Prentisstown, there are no women. All of his life, Todd is told that the women and girls all died in the war between Spackle and man, but then Todd finds a girl named Viola with no noise in Prentisstown. Todd, Viola, and Todd's dog Manchee, are forced to run from Prentisstown. While on the run, Todd soon discovers what really happened to the women of Prentisstown and the lies he has been fed all of his life.
Viola is born on a spaceship full of settlers on its way to the New World. Their spaceship crashes near Prentisstown instead of landing smoothly and Viola is the only survivor, her parents dying. Viola is found by Aaron who tries to kill her but Todd saves them and they take off through New World together with Manchee, escaping Prentisstown and their pursuers. Viola has technology with her that Todd has never seen before. It seems that people of the Old World are very modernized.
Viola is very quiet, she doesn't even speak to Todd until a couple days after they are together; she is still frightened by Aaron's attack
Viola begins to open up to Todd more, she shares with him and bickers with him
Viola starts to care for Todd and vice versa
Viola becomes more bold with her opinions but the reader can tell that her outspokenness and her boldness had always been there, it was just overpowered by the uncertainty of being in such a different place
plays the role of a close friend, a potential love interest, and a partner in crime and adventure
mother figure to Viola; she looks up to Hildy's strength and wisdom
Viola hates Aaron from the beginning. At first she is frightened of him and stays that way for a while, but in the end, she kills him which gives her a strange satisfaction

Todd faces inner conflict every time he has the chance to kill Aaron, he never does.
“I look at the knife-
Resting in a puddle of water-
Near the ledge by the pulpit behind Aaron-
Where I dropped it-
And I hear it calling to me-
Take me, it says-
Take me and use me, it says-
Aaron holds open his arms.
"Murder me," he says. "Become a man."
Never let me go says the knife”
Ben and Cillian:
are Todd's guardians after his parents die. They teach Todd everything he knows and care for him more than anything
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