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James Hall

No description

Nicolas Vega

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of James Hall

James Hall
Early Life
Born in Hingham, Massachusetts on September 12th, 1811
I.N. Smith, encouraged his scientific studies.
In 1830, Hall began attending Rensselaer school.
This program produced many geologists, including Hall, who graduated in 1832.
For the next year, he would collect fossils, then obtained his Master's from Rensselaer in 1833.
James Hall was president of several organizations. These included:
1st president of the Geological Society of America
President of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences
President of the International Geological Congress meetings in New York and Paris

Hall wrote 42 books and nearly 200 articles dealing with fossil descriptions and stratigraphic studies.
A Great American Geologist
James Hall, during his time and after, would be considered a great Paleontologist for his work dealing with stratigraphy as well as fossils.
Mountain Building Theory
"The greater the accumulation, the higher will be the mountain range" -James Hall
J. DeCinque, R. Huth, N. Vega
Raised on the shoreline where he collected shells and flowers from the granite outcrops as a child
His father was a superintendent of a textile mill

Born: September 12, 1811
Died: August 7, 1898
Hall worked as the New York state Paleontologist in 1847.
In the same year, Hall started his 8 volume publication know as the "Paleontology of New York". These writings took 47 years to finish.
As New York's state Paleontologist, Hall was able to influence the Governor and advance the way the state worked with stratigraphy as well as working with the fossils they were able to collect.
James Hall also was a member to several organizations. These include:
National Academy of Sciences
Imperial Mineralogical Society of St. Petersburg
Foreign correspondent to the Academy of Sciences of France
This theory states that the more sediment found in each layer creates a taller mountain. During his time this theory was disregarded, but some of the elements were used which lead to the idea of a geosyncline.
Hall published his theory when he wrote volume six of the "Paleontology of New York". His work, though influential to the advancement of Geosynclines, would prove to be wrong due to the uplift theory with basins used for the waste.
James Hall was able to visit multiple sites to develop his theories and through his studies, he helped the American Geologists grow and thrive under his guidence.

It is because of James Hall that American Geology was able to advance to the point where it could compete with the Europeans.
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