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Peter Caroline

on 18 November 2013

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Preserving on Media and in the Cloud
Peter Caroline
John Griffin
Andrea Jones

Smart Cards
Magnetic Stripe Cards
Enterprise Storage
Other Types of Storage
Microfilm and Microfiche
smart card
an alternative to a magnetic stripe card and stores data on an integrated circuit in the card
The two types are contact and contactless
When contact smart cards are inserted in a reader, the information on the card is read or updated
Contactless cards communicate with a reader through radio frequencies, and can be placed near the reader in order to function
RFID tags
use radio signals to communicate with a tag placed on something. RFID tags consists of
an antenna and a memory chip that contains information to be transmitted by radio waves
RFID tags read radio signals and transfer them to a device
They are either passive or active
Active tags contain a battery that runs he circuitry and broadcasts the signal
Passive tags can only send a signal once the reader activates the antenna by sending out electromagnetic waves. They have no battery and are small enough to be embedded in skin

store microscopic images of documents on roll or sheet film
Microfilm is a 100-215ft roll of film
Microfiche is a small 4 x 6in sheet of film
computer output microfilm recorder

records images on the film
The images are so small, only a microfilm or microfiche reader can read them
Microfilm and microfiche reduces the amount of paper used, are inexpensive,and have the longest life of any storage media
To save physical storage space and make access easier, certain scanners have been created that convert microfilm and microfiche to digital files
Enterprise hardware

allows large organizations to manage and store data and information using devices intended for heavy use, maximum efficiency and maximum availability.

a group of two or more integrated hard disk.
It is expensive, but its very reliable computers and storage enterprises often use RAID.
RAID Level 1

configuration enhances storage reliability because, if a disk should fail , a duplicate of the requested item is available.

splits data, instructions,and information across multiple disks in the array
. It improves disk access times, but does not offer data duplication.
Network attached storage (NAS)
a server that is placed on a network with the sole purpose of providing storage to users, computers, and devices attached to the network
A network attached storage server, often called a
storage appliance
, has its own IP address, usually doesn't have a keyboard, display, and contains only one hard disk, often used in a RAID
Storage area network (SAN)
a high speed network with the sole purpose of providing storage to other attached servers.
It can connect to networks and other servers that are miles away using high sped network connections.
a magnetically coated ribbon of plastic.
It is capable of storing large amounts of data and info at a low cost.
Tape is no longer used as primary storage, but as a long term storage back-up.
Tape Drive
reads from and writes on magnetic tape.
Tape Cartridge
small plastic housing for tape
Tape Library
individual tape cartridges are mounted in a separate cabinet.

Magnetic Stripe Card
is a credit card, entertainment card, or bank
card with a stripe that contains information identifying you and the card.
The card user encodes info on the stripe.
When the card is swiped through a magstripe reader, it reads info stored on the stripe
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