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Arts Educator 2.0 - Facilitator Inquiry Group

AE2.0 facilitators and staff have engaged in inquiry about leading inquiry groups during the 2009-2010 school year.

Mara Linaberger

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Arts Educator 2.0 - Facilitator Inquiry Group

Project Leadership Inquiry How can we effectively encourage and support
teacher inquiry wtih arts educators through the
use of technology? Inquiry on Inquiry Physical & Virtual Meetings Doing inquiry vs. reading or
learning about inquiry Reflecting, brainstorming,
planning & sharing Email, phone, Skype, & texting
Meeting debriefings
Six sentence CIGupdates CIG Facilitation Red CIG: Camille Nischal
Orange CIG: Cory Wilkerson
Yellow CIG: David Berlin
GreenCIG: Mary Elizabeth Meier
Blue CIG: Leslie Gates
Purple CIG: James Ritchey Project Management Co-direction: Mara Linaberger
Co-direction: Jamie Kasper
Evaluation: Rosemary Omniewski
Residencies: Kellee VanAken Inquiry on iPads Blogging our documentation
at: http://artsedtech.wordpress.com/
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