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Untitled Prezi

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Jessica Grimes

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

One Poem at a Time
By: Ms. Grimes
I Am...
I am Ms. Grimes
I am a writer and educator
I wonder about the disrespect of others
I hear music in the air
I see a change coming
I want to live on a beach
I am Ms. Grimes
I pretend that things don’t bother me
I feel peace
I touch the lives of others
I worry about nothing
I cry while watching certain movies
I am Grimes
I understand that times are hard
I say hard work pays off
I dream of writing a book
I try to do my best
I hope better days are to come

I am me.

A Fall-Like Girl
If fall was a person
it would be a teenage girl.
Fall would wear the latest trend
and fall-like colors.
Fall would smell like
warm apple cinnamon.
Fall would spend the day
swinging high in the sky.
Fall would spend the night
on the porch
watching the twinkling stars.

Haiku Poems
Cinquain Poems
there is something
bound to happen to me.
A wonderful thing, I can't wait.
Oh, yay!
Table of Contents
1. I Am Poem
2. Personification Poem
3. Haiku Poems
4. Cinquain Poems
5. Limerick Poems
6. Narrative Poem
7. Acrostic Poem
8. Ode Poem
9. Simile Poem
10. Choices Poem
11. Original Poems
12. Favorite Poems
Poetry Project
A Beautiful Day
A breeze over me
As I lay on the cool grass
A frozen moment
Nature's Decor
Flowers springing up
Decorating the garden
Beautiful colors
A Good Time
Cloudless is the sky
No rain today, washing me
Enjoying the time

Wishful Thinking
I wish
for many things.
Only thoughts in my head
and sincere feelings in my heart.
One day.

Limerick Poems
Fun Times
There was a young named Sammy
Who liked to go fishing with Tammy
He borrowed a pail
To the creek he did sail
And he reeled in a big fish and
named him Hammy.

Limericks Continued

Big Blue
The big, hairy dog Blue
Wanted to go live in the zoo.
He knew he would’t be alone,
He would offer the animals scones.
He would lie around all day in his shoes.


Mother Nature

It was a miserable night and I was so unhappy. While reading, I was almost falling asleep when, suddenly, there was a great noise and a rattling. I said to myself, “It is probably Mother Nature shaking the earth; she must be upset. I once heard that she punishes us earthlings because she can’t punish her own children. So, she scares us—showing her children her real wrath—sending us rain and hail and snow. On a night like tonight, she allows lightning to streak across the sky and she puts on her steel-toe boots and stomps across the sky like a mad woman. The earth rumbles uncontrollably. I rolled my eyes and muttered a sleepy saying and fell asleep.
Ode to the Pen
Oh, to the pen that I use to write.
The pen that I hold to jot down
my thoughts, songs, stories, and
grocery lists. This pen, both a literal
and figurative object. Sometimes
it’s blue and other times it’ black.
Hardly ever is it pink or green.
The pen that I imagine in my mind
as I make mental lists. Writing
smoothly and carefully is a wonderful
feeling. Oh, to the pen!
Simile Poem
The Jungle
The city is as busy as a jungle.
Hustling and bustling
Survival of the fittest
That’s what it’s all about.

The city is as dangerous as a jungle.
I must make my mark
Let the world know
That I was here.
Carve my initials
On the nearest tree.
Do trees grow in the city?

J.G. was here!

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