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AWS Sydney

Amazon AWS now live in Australia.

Arthur Marinis

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of AWS Sydney

6 years of AWS Experience Australia’s first AWS Solution Provider
Australia’s first AWS Reseller
Advanced Consulting Partner Did you plan your
application migration? Are you spending more than you expected on AWS? Are you leveraging multiple benefits of the cloud? Can you migrate between regions? Can you restore services immediately? Are all your costs tangible,
including support costs? Can you stop services easily? A disciplined cloud adoption
strategy saves an average 18% A non-methodical one increases costs by 2-3% We have years of cloud 6 roadmap experience 81% of Organisations
are using the cloud. 80% of executives feel that the
changes delivered by cloud will be “significant” SHOULD YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF CLOUD COMPUTING? We will help you identify your opportunities Is your cloud footprint scalable? 40% of customers have attempted
to leverage AWS prior to engaging 100% have stayed with us beyond
the initial implementation We make AWS more effective
every single day 6 years of cloud
computing Are you integrating
SaaS consistently? Have you realised the
benefits of the cloud? 99.984% uptime average
over the past 4 years 100% retention rate
of customers Supported by our people in Australia Are you using multiple
regions for better continuity? Find us in Melbourne L 6, 124 Exhibition St
Australia Phone: 1300 713 559 email: sales@base2services.com
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