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No description

Ramie Kuhns

on 18 September 2014

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Iron man
Tony Stark is keeping Spider-man in the dungeon of his mansion. They actually let him in the Avengers, but he was really annoying so he was wasn't allowed in the movie franchise.
Jaidee Bobbitt, Arriana Sroufe,
Heaven Honeycutt, and Ramie Kuhns

He's so sad.

Eye scanning is a way of securing an area or room by using light to match the collected retina with other already collected retinas. The scanner shines a bright light that shines through your iris and sclera, or the white of your eyes.
3D Biometric Hand Reader
Eye scanner
Voice scanners
Like retinas, voices are different, no two are alike. If your voice (Spiderman!) is not accepted, it will automatically lock the unaccepted person out of the system FOREVER.
How it can be defeated
There is a chance that you could take the face of someone and put their eye in the eye scanner, which would allow you access, but I doubt Spider-man could beat Iron man and use his eye.
How it works
The scanner shines a bright light that shines through your iris and sclera, or the white of your eyes. It records the pattern of retina, then compares it to allowed retinas that have been previously recorded.
How it works
This specific voice scanner records your voice and compares it to other recorded voices that are acceptable, much like the eye scanner. Recording your voice, it then plays your voice over other voices until it finds a match. If it doesn't, then it will lock down.
How it can be defeated
It is potentially unbeatable, however, if a person sounds like an accepted person or can throw off their voice, there is a chance that the perpetrator will be allowed access.
Tobey Maguire will NEVER be saved! He couldn't beat the eye scanner, the voice scanner, and he couldn't beat the hand scanner. The security system was foolproof!
Hand print scanners are one of the simplest of the biometric devices, but they are very hard to fool. A hand print is nearly impossible to duplicate, therefore a hand print scanner can almost never be fooled.

(Probably because of Spiderman 3)
How It Works
So hot :3 ^^^
3D imaging scanners do not only capture the
size of your hand and the prints themselves, but they actually make a 3D image of the hand that is being pressed onto the scanner. If the hand doesn't exactly fit the 3D image of the authenticated hands in the biometric database, the lock won't open; sorry Spiderman. HAHA NOT!!!!

I think not Spiderman
How It Can Be Defeated

The only real way to defeat this top notch security system is for Spiderman to defeat Iron man and use Iron man's hand to get passed the system. But we all know this will never happen. Stupid Spiderman.
Hahaha right
have fun!!! DYING!!!
But Spiderman has no luck.
Perfect I agree. Spiderman
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