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Effects of Logging in the Congo Basin Rainforests, by Rachel Kornak

GIS and Remote Sensing Analysis of Road Patterns Over Time

Rachel Kornak, GISP

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of Effects of Logging in the Congo Basin Rainforests, by Rachel Kornak

& Degradation 3 2 Customize
Remote Sensing
Data 1 Effects of Logging in the Congo Basin Rainforests Build Roads Timber
Extraction Logging
Companies Enables Access
to Remote Areas Villages
Illegal Hunting
Plantations How Can You Quanity using Remote Sensing and GIS ? Clear Cutting
Bare Patches = Evidence of Logging Selective Logging
Roads = Evidence of Logging Landsat Imagery: ~1985, ~2002, ~2008 Create GIS Roads Over Time
~1985, ~2002, ~2008 Customize GIS Management Boundaries and History History of Use Attributes 21 Individual Landsat Scenes Width, Connectivity &
Visibility Attributes Road Patterns
By Management Unit Over Time Intersect, Union
Buffer, Clip, Dissolve
Create Fishnets
Spatial & Table Joins
Field Calculator
Summary Statistics
Pivot Tables Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis Tools - Normal QQ Plot ? Did increased
funding & policy changes
lead to improved
forest conditions Create
Data Spatial &
Analysis It's as easy as... Select Best
Images from
~500 Available Road Patterns Vary by Location and Time Location and Pattern of Logging Roads = Evidence of Different Management Practices Pattern Type Time Suitability
for Logging -% Forest Cover
-Suitable Slope
-Topo. Wetness Index -Proximity to Major Roads
-Proximity to Shipping Ports
-Topographic Variability
-River Density Accessibility Management -Country
-Legal Use Over Time
-Ownership Over Time
-Yrs Used for Logging Statistical Analysis
& Modeling Normal
Distribution? Geostatistical Analyst C

n 4 years in the making... Explain Variation in Road Patterns egression R Spatial
Autocorrelation? Next Steps... Rachel Kornak, GISP
GIS & Database Manager
University of Michigan
@rkornak How to Measure Road Patterns? REDD+ Climate Change Deforestation NSF Funded Research Project $ Repeat in other regions to reduce forest degradation? Acknowledgements: Project Advisory Board: http://www.sitemaker.umich.edu/cafi/advisory_committee Research Team:
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