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Teacup Pig

No description

Emily Dunham

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Teacup Pig

Teacup Pig By: Emily Dunham Habitat: Diet: Adaptations Life cycle/reproductive health When was the last time you saw something as cute as this? Anatomy+appearance Fun fact:
Teacup pigs do not have sweat glands. The animals name:
The scientific name for
the teacup pig is
"Sus scrofa" Teacup
pigs were originally called pennywell
miniatures named after a farm in Devon, England. Super cute right?! The little piggies weigh just over half a pound at birth and only grow 12 to 16 inches high, topping out at about 65 pounds!!! The grow to be at least the size of a small spaniel. Teacup pigs don't have fur, they have hair, kinda like my dads short beard...
A pigs teeth are sharp! They grind their teeth if you are not feeding them enough food or if they are a newborn.
They have short and stubby legs and hoofs like a cow. The teacup pig does not lay an egg, they give birth just like any other mammal. Their mating season is around spring or autumn. They are born with little to no hair, then when they get to be the size of a small spaniel, they are at full maturity. Teacup pigs/wild pigs moslty live in swampy/damp areas, but you can also use the as a house pet! Pigs love mud, so when there is a wet area that means there is mud. Teacup pigs should not be overfed - they will eat anything that they can get hold of because they do not have a thalamus (a part of the brain) so they always think they are hungry. They love to eat plants outdoors. They eat anything they see.... X-box controllers, makeup, headphones, money, etc.
You should not feed your pig meat, salty food, or cheese, because they are lactose intolerant. They run really fast, so in this case they are most likey not going to get eaten by a predator.
They have a keen sense of smell and re-enforces snout for digging. They roll in think mud when they need to cool off from the sun.
They have a long snout so that way they can push away rocks and planks for when they are digging. Locomotion: Pigs move fairly fast.(when they are scared)
They walk,run, and sort of trip on
their feet when they know that
they are in trouble. And sometimes, they just run
around really crazy. Behavior: Teacup pigs can be happy, sad, angry, and bad... it depends on what they want. The teacup pig is actually very intelligent, you can get them to learn anything you want them to do, for example... my pig can go in circles, sit, jump, give kisses, and ring a bell on our door to show us when he want to go outside. Pretty smart huh?
They snort/grunt when they want attention. They like to bury themselves under blankets or in the mud. Not my pig! Fun fact:
Teacup pigs are the WORLDS smallest pig. Defense Pigs will chase you if they feel as if they are being threatened. They have very sharp teeth that stick out of there mouth. People ask if they bite.. YES. They tend to bite a lot!! And they bite really hard. Enemies A teacup pigs biggest fear/enemy are humans... humans can have pet pigs, but they also can make bacon. Other pigs have many enemies, but specifically the teacup pig has none except the human. You have to get to know the pig, then they won't be afraid. Extinction: Teacup pigs are not endangered, they were first used as a domestic pet in the 1980's. And today they still continue to be great pet! They are scattered around the world everywhere. Classification: A teacup pigs common name is a "Pot bellied pig" they are very similar, it is just that a teacup pig is smaller. The teacup pig is a mammal. They are almost the same as a wild boar. Pot bellied pig Teacup pigs Fun facts: ~They have been a famous pet for the last 50 years.
~Pigs don't shed.
~They have a lifespan of 15-20 years. Bibliography: www.uniprot.org/taxonomy/9823
chacha.com Thank you!
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