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Unit 6 Assignment 1

No description

Bilal Baig

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Unit 6 Assignment 1

Unit 6 Assignment 1

Fast and Furious 6
What is Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious is a action thriller film that people will see. They have made 1-6 of fast and furious and they all have been hits in cinema.
Target Audience

Fast and Furious is aimed at all the fast and furious fans because they have made all 1-6 and they all have been hits and it is thrilling.
The age for fast and furious 6 is 14 and over as it shows in this photo.

This is because there are a lot of action in this film with violence and romance that is not for 15 years old
The gender in fast and furious 6 I would say it is for both male and girl.
For the male because fast and furious is about car racing which male likes and a lot of action but for the female they would like this film because of the male actors for example (Dwayne Johnson, Vin diesel, Roman Pearce etc. and the fast cars.
so this film is for both male and female.

Mode of address
Facial Reaction
In the starting of the scene there face look serious and it look tense but when they found out about the tank the there facial expression just dropped and they look scared
Tank car chase scene
Now if you look at this
picture you can see that
his facial expression looks
scared when they saw the tank
it also looks like they are intimidated
Here is another example look at the
facial expression this
shows that they are
focus and concentrating.
The prop they use in the tank scene are tank, walkies talkies.
The walkies talkies represent that they need to communicate with their friends so there plan can be success , The tank represent the action in this scene and make the audience think whats going to happen now.
The generic of a action film because the props represent that there is going to be a good fight with the guns also the walkies-talkie represent the teamwork when the plan is going right. It entertain me and the audience because there is a lot of action in this film and a lot of new technology in fast and furious also it is about cars the audience loves fast car.
The Costume is casual as they wear normal cloths in the plan scene..

This shows that they are normal and wearing tight cloths to show off their muscles but Luke Hobbs (Dwayn Johnson) is a bad ass action guy when his costume is from the army/police.
It is a generic of a action film because the costume represent war and a fight. It entertain the audience because whatever they wear people wants to buy it so they are like there role model also it entertain the audience and me because there is a lot of action in this film.
Oppositional Reading
Color, Sound and camera shot
The sound in the tank scene was fast but when the action starts the music picked up that shows that the more action and tension in the film the more faster the music will get
Camera Shot
There are a lot of camera shot in this tank scene like the single individual shot, close up, mid shot, Point of view shot etc.
The color in the tank scene is very bright that is because it is in the day light but there is still tension in that scene because there is a big tank fireing tan
In Fast 6 there are many genre like Crime fiction,Thriller, Action and Adventure
Action and thriller- Guns, Low and High key lighting,

Crime fiction-Computer, low key lighting

Adventure film- Transport,High key lighting

Generic Convention
what you expect to see in fast and furious
You expect to see a lot of cars since this film is about cars, racing, you would also expect a lot of action because there is always an action scene in fast and furious and a little bit of comedy and romance.
The cinematography in fast and furious are quite good as they use a lot of camera shot and movement like the (pan), Bird eye view, Point of view shot, mid shot, close up etc.

In the tank scene the dialogue are so hilarious as Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) says "I'm sorry did you just say there a tank" that is funny because if you here is tone of voice it is funny and the facial reaction as well, "plan c,d,e,f,g we need more alphabet" and " Somebody better be doing something I got a tank on my arse" these dialogue in this scene make people laugh because the way the speak thet makes them laugh and the people were not expecting to be funny because its in the middle of a action.
Narrative structure
In Fast and Furious 6 it is a single strand (one plot line) where they ride fast cars and try to save a girl that was in their gang and been missing for 6-8 months .
There are some enigma (puzzle) in fast and furious because
the heroes which are the police and the gang have to solve the puzzle to stop the vilian and to save the girl
The character type in the film are Hero and Villain - Hero the gang and the police
the villain - Owen Shaw
They also shows a flash back in this film reminding of the girl (Letty) the color of the flash back was a black and grey.
It entertain us because the storyline is quite good as there are puzzle in the film and that makes the audience confused and want to cary on watching it so they can understand the film and like it.
Fast and Furious 6 is represented by stereotypical men who represent the macho persona however, also females are represented who are sporty and into cars also.

the costume shows that because the team wear normal cloths but the police wears all the police cloths like the bullet proof vest the tight tops.

It appeals to me and the audience because people wants to be like them jacked-up muscles, tight cloths etc. they want to be like there role model.

Single individual shot
Point of view shot
long shot
The oppositional reader for fast 6 I would say is for woman.

Woman- Woman they do not understand fast and furious, Fast and furious is about fast cars which woman like because they do drive but when it comes to the action they think what is the point of having action.


the pychographics of fast 6 could be aspires as they are trying to seek status against their opposition. they are materialistic as they like their cars and therefore typical younger people.
it could also be explorers where they enjoy to seek discovery they like to explore new ideas and value difference and adventures.

they may also be reformers they seek enlightenment like ti be challenged and can form own opinion and aware of social issues.
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