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This Is Me!!!

It's About ME!!!

Gurpavitar Bhullar

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of This Is Me!!!

This Is Me!!!
Part 1: What has shaped me?
Question 1:
Describe 4 significant people in your life at 4 different times in your life? Why are they significant? What influence did they have on you?
Describe 4 past experiences that were significant in your life? Why are they significant? How did they influence, change, and inspire you?
Part 3: Where am I going?
Question 1:
What are your goals for the future?
Question 4:
Do you plan on going to college or university?
Describe why/why not?
Question 2
Question 2:
What do you want to be?
Question 3
Question 3:
Where would you like to live?
By Gurpavitar Bhullar
First Significant Person: My Mom
My mom taught me the most. She looked after me and told me what decision to make on what time. I always hated studying, but when I started to get in higher grades, she taught me the important of studying. In addition, she taught me what I should be in future, what types of friends I should make and what is health for me to eat. My mom is always looking for a better future for me.
Second Significant Person: My Dad
My dad taught me to be strong and healthy. When I was small, I used to be scared from the dark, but my dad told me that the dark is just like morning, but in a different color. My dad has always helped me overcome my fears and made me what I am today.

Third Significant Person: My Sister
My sisters taught me to be helpful and nice to others. I never used to help people in classes or the society. But she told me not be shy and always imagine people like you, as you are . Also, she taught me to be nice to people who you don't like you. Why? Because in the future you will have more people helping you, not hating you. Without her I would not have been a helpful and nice person.
Fourth Significant Person: My Grandfather
My grandfather taught me things like how to ride a bike, roller skating, and skateboard. I always hated to learn things but he used to tell me that if you want to learn something, you should always learn it with your heart, and you will enjoy learning it. For example; I hated swimming but he told me he used to hate swimming to, but when you start swimming, it starts to get easier and easier. I took his advise and it made my life much more easier.
Question 5:
Do you want to have a family?
Question 2
Question 1: Continued
"I smile because you're my family...
I laugh because there's
Nothing you can do about it!''
Question 2: Continued
My Goals for Future are:
Get all A's
Become a doctor
Own 2 Dogs
Buy a Mansion
Buy a car
Have a family
Go to Space
Be a lifeguard, before 18
Buy a Store
Go to U.B.C.
Question 4
Question 5
I want to be a doctor because the job will make me a lot of money and make my life much more easy. I would have no money problems , debt, or tax problems. Also, I want to be a lifeguard, before 18. Why? Just for volunteer hours and just for fun. In addition, I would have a happy family.
Trust Me, I'm The Doctor
I would like to live in Canada, Vancouver, B.C. Because? This is the only place were I know more people than any other country. Also, Vancouver is one of the most cleanest city and has a lot of jobs available for people. In addition, it has fine houses, cars and shops. I would also like to live in India, just for vacations.
Yes, I want to go to a University because it will help me at my future job and my life. It also, will make my brain power higher. The university I would like to go would be U.B.C (The University of British Columbia). Whereas, if I go to a college I would have to wait longer for my job. Where, all I need to do is, get over 90 percent to go to a good university.
I want to have a family. Why? It makes my life funny, enjoyable and easier. I would want a arrange marriage because then you don't have to have fights with your family. In love marriages I heard that most of then are done by running away from their parents. With a life partner I would able to buy a house easier and anything else, that includes cars, shops and etc. Also, I would like to have to kids, because I want my gene mutation to continue.
A Family's love is
Part 2: Who Am I?
Mama told me when I was young
Come sit beside me, my only son
And listen closely to what I say.
And if you do this
It'll help you some sunny day. Oh Yah!
Oh, take your time... Don't live too fast,
Troubles will come and they will pass.
You'll find a woman, yea yea, you'll find love,
And don't forget son,
There is someone up above.
Question 5
If you had to choose a personal theme song, what would it be? Give the title, the artist and choose several lines that best represent you.
Simple Man- By Lynyrd Skynyrd
I like the verses because my mom always used to tell me to listen to her because the words that she said will help me sometime on you life. Also, she said me to take my time on thing, don't rush them.
Describe your interests both in and out of school (list at least 4). Why do you enjoy these things? How do they affect your life?
My interests in school are Math, Science, Planing 10 and hanging out with my friends. My interest in Math is because its sometimes hard and easy. I like challenges, and I get challenges from math. Science, because its interesting and it will help me for my future job (Doctor). Its interesting because it tells me the things that I never knew about the world. Planning 10 helps me tell whats happening in the world and what you should do about it. It also teaches me about whats bad and good about people. And finally hanging out with my friend is just for entertainment. If I do not hang out with my friends, I usually get bored.
Question 1: Continued
My interest in outside the school are playing video games, playing hockey, swimming, and reading. I have interest in playing video games is because the games are my entertainment and it helps me find new friends. Playing hockey gives me my exercise and I also like to play hockey for fun. Swimming is my hobby and I enjoy it a lot. It will help me for my second job, called Lifeguard. Lastly, reading helps me in English and my life. Reading books also help me, because books tell me whats happening in the word. In addition, reading is also my hobby.
What do you value? Refer to your values survey completed in class.
Question 2
For me values is something that is worth something, like:
1. Family
2. Money
3. Power
4. Knowledge
5. Skill
6. Trustworthiness
7. Love
8. Security
9. Physical Appearance
10. Pleasure
Question 4
Interview one family member and one friend who is not in this class. Ask them to describe you in about 2 sentences.
What is your learning style? What is your personality style? What traits do you have that make you believe that you fit into this category?
Question 3
Math + Science= Success
The MORE that you READ,
the more THINGS you will KNOW.
the more PLACES you'll GO!
-Dr. Seuss
Success produces success,
just as money produces money.
My First Experiences:
It was when my sister was born. She was so cute and chubby. My sister makes me laugh, whenever I am sad or angry. In addition, she helps me at my homework and she had also taught me, how to be nice to others and respect them. She is sometimes annoying, whereas I, sometimes am annoying too.
My Second Experiences:
It is when I started to go to a Private school. I hated the private school because I had to stay alone, without my parents for 5 years. I felt like a loner but even through I hated the private school, it taught me a lot of things. The things are: being independent, teaching me English, and how to manage your time. The school had changed my life.
Part 1: What has shaped me?
Part 2: Who am I?
Part 3: Where am I going?
My Third Experience:
It was when I joined hockey and many other sports. I hated hockey or any other sport, but my mom forced me to play hockey. I used to be lazy, but when I started to play sports and do exercise, I started to take responsibilities, which changed my life a lot.
My Fourth Experience:
It was when I started to learn swimming. I never knew that humans could swim (It was when I was small). But from then on, I wanted to learn swimming. I also wanted to be a Lifeguard.
Winners never QUIT and
Quitters never WIN.
My learning style is Visual and Kinaesthetic. Visual means that I learn best by reading or seeing pictures. And kinaesthetic means that I learn things by touching and doing things. That means if I have to learn something, I may have to reading about it, see a pictures about it, or do something that has body movement in it. My personality style is Investigative and Conventional. That means that I like to enjoy researching, mathematical or scientific activities.
I do not have an Attitude,
I have a personality,
you can not handle.
My Family Member:
My sister descried me as: My brother is helpful, tidy, and nice to me and others. He is sometimes boring and annoying because he always bugs me. All through he is a nice brother that is funny and helpful. He also tells me new things that I do not know.
My One Friend:
My friend descried me as: Gurpavitar you are responsible, friendly, boring, and organized. Also, you are helpful and quiet, and sometimes shy. But you are a nice friend that can be trusted.
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